Home Training Programs

Can't get to a gym? Stuck at home? Well now you can make the most out of training when you’re at home!


Think less equipment, minimal space but maximum results!


My LSF Home Workout Programs have been specially designed for females ready to transform & chase some serious goals! Accompanied by an all-inclusive Facebook community as well as a 24/7 team of accredited fitness experts, we are here for you at every stage of your journey. 

POWER BOOTY 2.0 HOME & GYM PROGRAM (PDF Only) power booty 2.0 home & gym program (pdf only) Lauren Simpson Fitness POWERBOOTY2 $49.00 USD
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Advanced Home Training Program (PDF) advanced home training program (pdf) LSF advhometraining $64.00 USD
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I finally went up in calories and was able to lift much heavier weights. From this I have gained so much strength and muscle without putting on any weight! This challenge helped me push past the limitation in my mind that more calories will make me fat and instead left me feeling more empowered than ever before! 


Perth, Western Australia

 This was definitely the challenge where I felt everything coming up together so nicely. This is when I actually started building muscle and shaping the dream body slowly! Beyond happy with my results for only 8 weeks. Thank you so much from the bottom of my LSF heart ♥


Sittingbourne, UK

BEST 8 week transformation was LSF $100K Fit Challenge! I dropped the most body fat with all the HIIT tied into lifting ... LOVED IT!!


Fairborn, Australia

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