Your goal, your way!

Redefining the way you eat, train and stay on top of it all - my programs have been designed so that your health & fitness journey is a fun, yet a challenging one! With a large collection of video tutorials, abundant library of delicious recipes and the #LSFbabes community, you’ll be on your way to smashing some serious goals!

Lauren x



Laurenʼs programs have not only helped shape me into the woman I am today, sheʼs helped me understand what Iʼm putting into my body to nourish it, how many calories I need to be able to loose weight, gain muscle and tone up and has most importantly taught me the importance of structure and routine which in turn has helped me mentally.
I am always seeing improvement within myself and can see I am capable of anything.


Mount Riverview, Australia

“Since joining LSF 1 Year ago I have a more balanced approach to life. Instead of beating myself up over things I have learnt to love myself. Nutrition & Fitness is now my lifestyle. I have broken down barriers and become physically & mentally strong.

LSF really is so Empowering”


Perth, Western Australia

I absolutely love the positive community Lauren has created for like minded women around the globe to come together and support, inspire, encourage and celebrate each other. Not everyone in your life understands your goals, but these babes GET IT! LSF has not only changed my physical appearance but how I show up in the world, I carry myself with confidence, my energy is positive and I believe I can achieve anything. Mindset is KEY!


Cromwell, New Zealand

Step 1


Delicious, well-loved recipes. Plus, the ability to swap recipes to fit your taste buds! Vegetarian & Regular.

Step 2


Instructional workout videos featuring step-by-step explanations. Learn my fave training methods & perfect your form with me!

Step 3


Ability to record the weight used in your lifts. Tracking your strength progression couldn't get any easier!

Step 4


Everything from nutrition to training to motivation - all the tips you need to succeed.

Step 5


Easy-to-use weekly shopping list grouped by Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Fruit & Veggies!