Shred and Shape Your 2020 Like An #LSFbabe

At this time of the year, we see a lot of people making bold New Year’s Resolutions. I love that people are so inspired to make some serious changes. But how do you set goals and make them happen?! One of the things I frequently see people do is setting specific goals and giving up at the start because a little roadblock or two comes in the way. The #LSFbabes and I like to approach my goals in a more sustainable way (and achieve those goals), and I am going to teach you how to do the same! Instead of picking one health and fitness goal that is the ‘be all, end all’, think about it as more of a lifestyle change. Try switching the wording of it, for example: ‘I need to lose 5 kilograms’, could be ‘I am going to move my body more and fuel it with nutrients this year’. This gives you a more sustainable goal to work towards, that will help you achieve the same results, and keep them.

How to Get Started with Your Training and Nutrition Goals

If you are serious about getting results, then you need to follow a structured training program and meal plan. Going to the gym and doing different exercises every session will help you move more. But a progressive plan will help you to improve your strength, build lean muscle, shred body fat and become overall fitter! This will also help teach you the optimal way to train in the gym (or at home) for results! Starting the year with a program that includes a good balance of resistance training and cardio will give you the tools to set you up for success.

The SAS Challenge is going to be hard for beginners and experienced exercisers. I carefully program so that it progresses in difficulty throughout the 8 weeks, and have also added in some optional extras for those that want the additional physical challenge. My favorite sessions are the ones that have the extra glute and HIIT finishers (believe me, you girls are going to hate and love me all at the same time)! If you want to see long-lasting results, it is so important to find the type of training that you enjoy, and my #LSFbabes keep coming back for Lauren Simpson Fitness challenges because they love the programs, meal plans and most of all achieving their goals. But most of all they join a group of like-minded women, who motivate and inspire each other, to believe that anything you put your mind to is achievable!

How you can benefit from following a meal plan

The meaning of ‘healthy eating’ can be so confusing with all the information available. So many ‘rules’ that you don’t know which ones to follow, or which ones actually work! The benefits of following a meal plan designed by a professional are endless, however, taking the guesswork out of what you should be eating is a huge one. You will likely find that the plan is filled with vegetables, lean protein sources, grains, nuts, and seeds. There are rarely any restrictions that include cutting out major food groups (for example keto or low fat) if the meal plan has been created to be sustainable and long term, which they all should be! Meals like pasta, sandwiches, pizza or anything else that you love and enjoy should be included within your plan. They can all be packed with vegetables, making them just as nutritionally dense as other meals.

When I am creating my #LSFbabes meal plans, I make sure that they are achievable, delicious and will align with your training program to get results. There is nothing worse than trying to lose weight or tone up and having to deprive yourself. All my girls have a flexible way of living and make everything they love fit their desired results and way of living. I know my Aussie LSF girls love their smashed avocado. So, why not make your own version that fits all your macros?! Recipe card straight from my SAS Challenge

Shred & Shape Challenge - Avocado Toast

Why is the SAS Challenge for you?

This New Year I am bringing back Shred And Shape! This challenge is a favourite, and the perfect way to begin your year energised, with confidence and ready to take on anything (believe me, you don’t want to miss this one)!By following the meal plan, which is updated every 2 weeks, you will be hitting your calories, getting a range of micronutrients to keep your body healthy, eating delicious recipes and educating yourself on how to fuel your body to get results! I have a meal swap feature so that you can change meals depending on your preferences and what is convenient for you! I also teach you on all the supplements that I personally use and recommend to my clients to excel and support results.Your training program on the web app has video + written descriptions of exercises and changes every fortnight so that you have enough time to master exercises and get comfortable with movements before progressing. 

SAS Challenge Workout | Glutes & Hamstrings

It’s not just the nutrition and training that makes SAS so good, it’s the extras! Like my 24/7 team of experts and the #LSFbabes Facebook forum, where I post educational content every week, separate challenges, host live Q&A sessions, and so much more! This is where the challengers go to seek inspiration, support, understanding and comradery, and every challenge I am blown away by the beautiful souls that go above and beyond to better themselves every day.

If you are looking to 

  • Be apart of a community that encourages and supports you to get results
  • Have a meal plan and training program that is designed to set you up for success, and
  • You want me as your coach, then SAS 4.0 is the Challenge for you!

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Starting JAN 27 - this is it, girls! 

Shred and Shape Your 2020 Like An #LSFbabe