#LSFbabe Ashlee’s Shred Transformation

I love celebrating all my #LSFbabes amazing successes! In this blog, I wanted to showcase an incredible shred transformation from #LSFbabe, Ashlee!

Ashlee joined the LSF community in 2020, and since then she has successfully completed Boss Babes, Empower, Bikini X Strong, and Glow Up challenges! Not only that, but she is currently doing my Goal Getter challenge!

Ashlee started noticing some weight gain in her 20s, struggling to be consistent with her training and nutrition, especially after being out of action from an injury.

Fast forward to now, and Ashlee has completely overcome her mental and physical barriers to achieve her best physique yet! Let’s see what she had to say about her LSF experience!

Ashlee's transformation

Weight journey 
“All my life I've been active, I had the fastest metabolism, my weight was never something I ever had to worry about. Fast forward to my mid 20's, and the weight was a lot harder to keep off, I would exercise and eat well, but I was never consistent enough to get results.

"I put on almost 8kgs before joining LSF thanks to an overseas holiday, gym injury and not being able to train for a while.
I lost 2.5kgs, 6cms from my waist and 5cms from my hips in my first LSF challenge and I was hooked!”

Ashlee's transformation

Joining LSF
"I had followed Lauren for quite some time and decided it was finally time to give her program a go based on the results her girls continued to get. I'm usually not very good at sticking to things so I'm really happy within myself as I have managed to stick to the program. I haven't missed a training session, and have stuck to my nutrition, using both the set plan and flexible dieting to meet the set calorie and macro targets."

“There was no getting bored with LSF programs! The app was great and easy to navigate, the LSF community is so motivating and supportive!

The LSF community
"The support from the LSF community has certainly helped me stick to the challenge and has kept me motivated throughout!"


“I loved using OxyShred Mango flavour every morning to give me a little energy boost and focus for the day.”

“I also loved using Blessed in Choc Coconut to make choc protein oats, and was eating Lust Bars as a delicious high protein snack.”

LSF meals
“Enchiladas is definitely my favourite meal out of all the LSF recipes – it’s quick, easy and super tasty!

I also really loved the teriyaki chicken bowl and Lauren’s famous rice paper rolls.”

It makes me so proud as a coach to see my clients finally achieve the mental and physical transformation they’ve been working so hard for.

All my babes in the LSF community are so supportive of one another so that everyone can achieve their goal!

Not part of my global girl gang? Join the LSF community today!

Loz xx