Does Your Nutrition Align With Your Goals?

I know, it can be so overwhelming when you are striving to build the body of your dreams and you don’t know where to start. There are so many options, and an abundance of information available. Particularly when you have an aesthetic goal, your training program will assist in getting to that point, but ultimately it will be your nutrition will be the reason why you are successful in attaining that goal, or not. Believe me, I understand how confusing it can be with the mixed nutritional information available out there, so I want to break it down for you! 

I have created three installments of e-books that have been designed to answer all the questions that you girls constantly ask me about. It has taken years of educating myself and learning the best methods from around the globe to assist you girls in the areas that you struggle with the most. I have made it my life mission to become a female transformation coach, but not just a coach that gives you a cookie-cut approach to nutrition, but so that you can learn to make it your own and on YOUR terms. 

My first and second E-Books, Mastering The Basics of Nutrition: The Basics of Nutrition E-Book: Nutritional Fundamentals & Macro Friendly Recipes and Mastering the Basics of Nutrition E-Book #2: Flexible Dieting and Lifestyle Guide taught you the fundamentals of how to calculate your calories and macros, about flexible dieting, and how to fit this all into creating a balanced lifestyle. I teach you how to use My Fitness Pal, the basics of macros and how to intuitively eat. These books book also contains some of my favorite LSF recipes, seriously these are #macrogoals.

My third E-Book, Mastering The Basics of Nutrition: Optimising Your Performance Nutrition Strategies gets into the depth of how you should adapt your food to your physique and performance goals. I also talk about intuitive eating, as well as how to incorporate more of a plant-based way of living to your life! Think of this newest guide as delving deeper into the specifics of eating towards attaining certain goals. 

Today I am going to give you a few sneak peek tips from the latest addition… 

Fat Loss Nutrition

To lose body fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit. Quite simply, you need to be expending more calories than you are consuming. This is the main thing to remember when your goal is fat loss. Ensuring that your macronutrient breakdown provides sufficient protein to build and maintain muscle, carbohydrates to support your energy needs and fats to support hormonal function is also very important. If you neglect one macronutrient you will be sacrificing your health in one way or another, and losing a few percent in body fat is not worth this. Another huge factor towards healthy fat loss is consuming enough MICROnutrients. These are all the vitamins and minerals that are delivered via nutrient-dense foods. Getting in enough fruits, vegetables, and plants in a wide range is vital for keeping your energy high, allowing your body function at its best and so much more!

I always recommend aiming to consume as many calories of nutrient-dense foods as possible whilst remaining in a calorie deficit when fat loss is your goal. When you’re working towards this goal your body tends to be under more stress than usual so you want to ensure it is getting as much quality nutrition as possible.

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Muscle Gain Nutrition

FOOD! Enough food to fuel muscle gain is required if you wish to grow. So I urge you to not be afraid of eating some extra calories if this is your goal, because I promise that it will have a positive outcome when done correctly. We do not need to go overboard to eat enough for muscle gain, but eating at least 10% above your maintenance calories is required. From here, the rules are very similar to fat loss. Eat enough of each macro AND micronutrient, to ensure a healthy and happy body!

Maintenance Nutrition

Maintaining your physique is not something that is largely spoken about in the fitness realm, however, I understand that a lot of ladies are happy with where they’re at and I applaud that! If you wish to continue tracking your calories, then you will just find your maintenance intake and stay there. Implement flexible dieting so that you are not being too restrictive, and can enjoy your favourite treats! However, the main takeaway is to ensure that 80% of your food is filled with plenty of micronutrient-rich foods so that you can be happy with your insides as well as your outside! Another suggestion I have for those who have tracked for a while and are happy with their physique is…

Stepping Away From Tracking

The goal should never be to track your food for the rest of your life. Eventually, it will be time to live your life MyFitnessPal free! When we have learned the basic nutritional value of foods, decide to start a family, or start to prioritise other life aspects over our physique, I want you to be able to live a healthy life and maintain your body goals without overthinking your food. If you feel as though you are ready for this step, there are many ways that you can ease into it as I know that it can be nerve-racking. 

  • Stop tracking for one day a week, and try to eat as you usually would. Slowly increase this to 2, then 3 days per week,
  • Have one untracked meal per week. Once again, keep this meal to what you would usually consume. Then stop tracking 2 meals each day, then 3 and so on.
  • Do not worry if you don’t eat 100% to the macronutrient breakdown you have been following. Prioritise good portions of protein and vegetables with each meal, and fill the rest with carbohydrates and fats.

If you are ready to learn more about how to eat towards excelling your results towards your goals, my e-book Mastering The Basics of Nutrition: Optimising Your Performance Nutrition Strategies, is available now!