Basics Of Nutrition #3: Optimising Your Performance Nutrition Strategy




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The third e-book of the series (covers the more complex aspects of nutrition). I go into detail on how to manipulate your diet to achieve fat loss, muscle gain, athletic performance and maintain your physique, as well as supplements for the everyday girl, plant-based nutrition, my unique insight into competitive bodybuilding and stepping away from tracking


  • Advice on how to choose your physique goal
  • All things fat loss nutrition including determining the required calorie deficit, assessing your progress and my personal tips for successful and healthy dieting
  • Muscle gain nutrition tips, including how to determine the required calorie surplus, the impact of training and the psychology of gaining
  • Performance nutrition information for those looking to use their nutrition to aid their performance in the gym or in their sport
  • All about the basics of competitive bodybuilding nutrition, such as choosing a coach, prep time, peak week and post comp advice
  • Information about the supplements I recommend based on research and our needs
  • When it might be time to take a break from tracking your intake, learning to listen to your body and my advice for letting go of tracking
  • What is all the fuss about plant-based nutrition and eating more plants? I talk about the benefits of eating more plants, key nutrients for those on a plant-based diet and how to increase your plant consumption.
  • How to plan your meals, using my printable meal plan template and calorie recommendations table
  • 15 delicious and healthy recipe cards: Recipes that everyone can enjoy that will curb your sweet tooth and satisfy your cravings whilst fueling your body to be at it’s best!