Winning Friends With Salad

Why a Global Pandemic has made Greens cool again

I know girl, you’ve heard it a million times before, and now in a global pandemic we are seeing the rise of the plant based game even stronger than ever… But what is so magic about getting in all those greens?

Girl - prepared to be shook… Increasing your consumption of plant-based foods can bring a range of benefits, like reducing environmental impact, increasing your fibre, diversifying your nutrient intake, and bringing down your grocery bill (WINNING).

I know what you’re thinking… “Loz, we all know that eating vegetables is good for us”. BUT it can feel tiresome, bland and it seems like all the good recipes are a hundred ingredients long. Unfortunately, eating a giant salad isn’t always as glamorous as the Kardashians make it out to be! While I personally don’t follow a plant-based diet, I try to incorporate a range of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains every day. You girls will always see me with an apple and often a plant based protein bar in my bag! I want to show you that you CAN, in fact, win friends with salad! This blog will take you through the tricks I use to get more plant-based products into my diet. 

Lauren's Transformation

So, why is plant-based the new black?
2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. As our reality is constantly changing, this global pandemic has forced us to reassess our priorities - the things we may have ignored prior because we were “too busy” are now of the utmost importance! Likewise, we can now see that what we once took for granted is actually a privilege, like being able to hug our loved ones and go to the gym. You babes know I’m all about looking on the bright side - one positive to come from all of this is that we are growing increasingly health-conscious! This is why we have seen a surge in plant-based dieting throughout the pandemic. It’s no secret that plant-based foods provide our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals that boost our immunity. For example, fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C, such as; kiwi fruit, oranges, capsicums (bell pepper) and kale etc. have positive effects on immune function and skin health. Feel good and look good? Double win!

COVID-19 has also forced us to do things at a much slower pace, meaning that for some, we have more time to try new recipes and experiment with different cooking methods. I too am guilty of being a creature of habit and eating the same thing day in and day out when I’m really busy! However, I have found taking the time to explore cooking new foods to be really rewarding and relaxing. This is where I created some delicious recipes that will be dropping in an up and coming project!

How to make greens cool again

Sauce it up!
Vegetables don’t have to be plain and bland! There are so many delicious, low-calorie sauces that you can use to completely change up the flavour of your meal. Look out for sugar-free, or reduced sugar variations of your favourites - this way, you won’t have to worry about going over your calorie budget. Some of my favourites are sugar-free sweet chilli and tamari. You can use these as dipping sauces, or add them into your recipe base when cooking.

Use different cooking methods
Experimenting with different cooking methods can bring out a completely different flavour and texture in foods. I love to roast my veggies and season them with herbs - this is so much more enjoyable than just plain old boiling them! Alternatively, you can stir fry them in any of the above-mentioned sauces and pair with your favourite, plant-based protein source! These are some of my favourites –

Protein Powder: Plant Protein Sources

Sneak vegetables into each meal
Yes, sometimes we have to use the tricks our parents used on us as kids! Sneaking a serving of vegetables into each meal means that you won’t be left with just a plate of greens at the day. You can add baby spinach to your smoothies, snack on carrot sticks, or finely grate vegetables and add to your recipe base. This will not boost your fibre intake, but also increase the volume of your meal without adding too many calories.

Change up your protein source
Spice up one of your favourite recipes by switching your protein to a plant-based source. Protein sources like tofu, tempeh, and legumes are not only delicious - but they can also bring new textures and flavours to your meal. If you have a sweet tooth like me, Blessed vegan protein powder is delicious for smoothies, pancakes and other recipes! Try this delicious vegetarian burrito recipe from my NO BS Cookbook:

Vegetarian Burrito | IngredientsVegetarian Burrito | Method

Getting a variety of plant-based products into your diet is good for you to get the internal and external glow up + do your part for the environment. With these tips, you now know that you can win friends with salad! My shred and bikini build programs are loaded with plant-based, macro-friendly + EASY / minimal ingredient recipes! Get 8 weeks of training and a recipe-based meal plan specific to YOUR goal. #LSFbabes eat like queens and build healthy, sustainable habits to get results that last.