V-Day Your Way

A few of my #LSFbabes have been stressed over Valentine’s Day because they do not want to be too indulgent or go off track with their health and nutrition goals. If you are an LSF girl then you would know that I am all about being able to enjoy ALL elements of life, without having to deprive yourself! So, today I am going to break down what a ‘healthy’ V-Day means to me, and how you can live it too, guilt-free!

Let’s be real to start off with - this holiday isn’t just for ones who are loved up! I think that this is a great day to be able to celebrate your love for all your fam and of course, all the girls!!! I want to completely switch up the traditional idea of what Valentine’s Day is meant to be and make it a day to do all the things YOU love and cherishing ALL your loved ones! This day is not to break a sweat over (save that for the gym, girls)! This is what I love about the LSF lifestyle, the balance between living life and getting results! So that is exactly how I go into holidays like Valentine’s Day, with a balanced approach. By creating this balance and letting yourself indulge in some chocolate or food that you don’t usually go for, you are creating a healthy mind (which is just as important as a healthy body).

Do not feel as though you need to stick to your usual meal plan or routine for Valentine’s date night if you don’t want to! 

When it comes to the nutrition side for this V-DAY, if you want to keep it healthy, then opt for a romantic cooked dinner at home! There are so many nutrient-dense recipe options that will be delicious AND make you feel as though you are indulging. Try cooking this recipe from my e-book, Mastering The Basics of Nutrition: Optimising Your Performance Nutrition Strategies, for your significant other:

Healthy Burgers Recipe

However, if you wish to dress up and dine out instead of eating at home on Valentine’s Day (which I am all about), there is absolutely nothing wrong with that either! I love to eat my meals out, especially during a time of celebration. So go to your favourite restaurant and order your favourite meal with zero guilt - just get back on track with your normal nutrition routine the next day! If you love to have a glass of wine (or a mojito like I always do) with dinner when you dine out, then include this too, just in moderation!

If you are an adventurous couple, getting outdoors is a great option for Valentine’s Day. Get active by going on a long walk or hike, trying mini golf or going bowling, the options are endless, or maybe you can get your loved one to do the workout below together!!! Getting outdoors and trying new things is not only fun and keeps you moving, but it is always a great bonding time for you and your significant other! 

Have you heard the saying ‘couples who gym together stay together’? Get to the gym with your partner and put them through a workout from my Power Booty e-Book! Because we are on the track of breaking the mould of what traditional V-Day should be, I want you girls to try this #LSF challenge that I am getting ALLLL my girls (and maybe their partners) to do! 

15 x Reps x as many rounds as you can do - believe me this lower body workout is TOUGH!!! You are seriously going to feel the burn!!! Make sure you check out my IGTV if you are unsure of any of the exercises!

#LSFBooty Challenge

If you wish to have a healthy Valentine’s Day, there are so many ways to do this! But remember that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, so if you wish to indulge and stray from your usual routine and nutrition, then one day is not going to make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day however you wish to! <3