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Workout Alternatives-Lauren Simpson Fitness
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Workout Alternatives

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Do you ever walk into the gym, full of excitement and ready to pump out your #LSF workout... Only to arrive and find that the equipment you need is either taken, out of action, or just not there (think peak hour and apartment gyms)! We’ve all been there!

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Do you ever walk into the gym, full of excitement and ready to pump out your #LSF workout... 

Only to arrive and find that the equipment you need is either taken, out of action, or just not there (think peak hour and apartment gyms)! We’ve all been there!

Alternatively, you may have an injury or restriction that is holding you back from completing an exercise from the program. If either scenario sounds like a situation you frequently find yourself in, don’t worry ladies, I have got you covered! Here are some versatile alternatives you can do, so you don’t have to miss out!

WORKOUT: Sled Push


  • Dead Mill: Jump on the treadmill but don’t turn it on! In other words, YOU will be moving the treadmill belt manually! This way, you have to recruit your leg muscles to move the belt. Simulate the sled push even more realistically by increasing the incline on the treadmill (you might have to turn it on adjust incline, then turn it off!).
  • Makeshift Sled: Simply take a plyo box or a towel, load up with weight plates, kettlebells or any heavier items you have handy. Make sure that the plates are secure to ensure your safety (and other people around you!)
  • Resistance Band Sprints: Grab a heavy resistance band, anchor it behind you and step into the band, placing it around your waist. You can set a target to reach for or try to sprint for a set period of time. 

My other suggestions: walking lunges with weight overhead, tire flips, isometric wall pushes.

Battle ropes


All of these options will ensure a full-body workout, as well as adding a challenge to your cardiovascular system too, just like battle ropes!

  • Medicine ball slams
  • Weighted squat + press
  • Single-arm kettlebell swing
  • Mountain climbers
  • Box jumps
  • Burpees



  • Battle Ropes: There are endless variations you can try with battle ropes to challenge different muscle groups. E.g. outside circles, alternating waves, double arm slam jump, etc.
  • Woodchoppers: Just like ball slams these work the legs, upper body and the core! Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, grasp the cable handle/ dumbbell down next to the outside of one of your knees. Raise it up across your body as you extend your arms over the opposite shoulder.
  • Single Arm Kettlebell Swing: Great for coordination, increasing the heart rate, and working multiple muscle groups.



  • Booty Band Work: Try banded crab walks, side plank clamshells (go for just bodyweight, if it’s easier), banded hip thrust + abduction, fire hydrants, the list goes on! For an advanced challenge, you can also double band!
  • Cable Side Kicks: Anchor the cable on either side to work both the inner and outer muscle groups of the legs and glutes.
  • Banded Kickbacks: Loop the resistance band around your calves, lean forward against a wall or pole, keep your back straight and kick back. Make sure you are engaging your glutes and not swinging your hips. 

Other: fire hydrants, weighted curtsy, side plank leg raises.



  • Barbell Hack Squat: Position the barbell on the floor behind your legs. Bend down and grasp the barbell, extend the hips as you stand up, lifting the barbell behind your body as you do so. Return back to the starting position.
  • Dumbbell Hack Squat Against Wall: Hold a dumbbell in each hand and lean against a fit ball against a wall. Press your back into the fit ball and flex at the knees as you lower down into a squat and press back up to start position.
  • Smith Machine Hack Squat: Position the bar across the back of the shoulders with the feet about half a foot in front of the bar.
  • Cable Hack Squat: Perform with arms extended in front at hip-width, grasping the cable handle at around hip height.


    There are limitless ways to train abs and core that don’t require a crunching action, here are just a few 

    • Plank and side plank
    • Lying leg raises
    • Hanging leg raises with knee tucks
    • Suspended leg raises with knee tucks
    • Woodchoppers
    • Lying overhead reach
    • Lying flutter kicks
    • Lying windscreen wipers
    • Dead bug and renegade row. The possibilities are endless!

    So, there we are! No more excuses for not hitting the gym during peak hour or while you’re on holidays (even when the hotel gym has ‘no’ equipment!). Try these alternatives and don’t forget to tag me @laurensimpsonfitness and hashtag #LSFbabes.

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