What equipment do I need to get results at home?

I think the last few weeks of ISO life have taught us you don’t need a lot of equipment to have an effective workout! Many of us had to transition to working out from home with not much notice and not a lot of time to get a proper home gym set up. I feel you! I didn’t have free weights, a bench or anything else. Just my bodyweight, a mat, and resistance bands. Some of us may have looked at this situation as demotivating, but there are so many silver linings to it. You don’t need to leave your house to get your workout in, you can workout in whatever you want to wear, you can really dial in your form, and more than ever focus on the mind muscle connection! I know that my #LSFbabes more than ever are utilisng their time better than ever, and really getting the most out of their sessions!

I honestly couldn't wait to get back into the gym after recovering from my surgery. As you girls know, the gym is my domain. I am actually so surprised how much I am loving my home workouts, and going through this wild journey with you all! My body is LOVING it as well! It also gives me another chance to get creative and think up some gruelling workouts for the LSF community without even stepping foot outdoors!!! Believe me, my new Advanced Home Training Program SERIOUSLY upgrades your home training game!


Having one adjustable set or a few pairs of dumbbells will be super handy when working out from home. Dumbbells are super versatile and can be used for a number of different exercises to work many different muscle groups. Investing in some dumbbells whether that just be one pair to start with, will get you on your way to absolutely crushing your home workouts! If you can afford it, we recommend investing in 3 pairs of dumbbells of differing weights.
1. One lighter pair to be used for back, shoulder and ab exercises.
2. A medium weighted pair to be used for bicep and tricep exercises.
3. And a heavier pair to be used for squats, deadlifts and lunging exercises to work your more powerful glute, quad and hamstring muscles. This will give you good variation in your weights and the ability to change them up a little. 

Exercise Ball
A swiss exercise ball is a good investment for a number of exercises and usually they are relatively inexpensive. They can be used for a variety of exercises including hamstring curls, crunches, pikes, and wall squats to name a few! If you don’t have access to an exercise ball, using a pair of socks can also be incredibly effective! Seriously, try hamstring curls with socks on. THE BURN is real!

Booty Bands
I’m a huge fan of booty bands for a number of reasons. They can be used to add resistance and intensity to exercises, for recovery and rehabilitation, and for activating your muscles before a workout. They’re super lightweight and easy to fold up and store if space is an issue for you – something that some of my girls were concerned with when they went into lockdown. They also come in varying resistance so you can choose what to use depending on the movement you’re performing. Find my Booty Band Kits here!

Long Resistance Band 
When you can’t add more weight to an exercise using a long resistance band can make the exercise more difficult. Long resistance bands keep your muscles under tension the whole time you are using them and bring your stabilising muscles into action as well. I love using a long resistance band as it can replicate a lot of cable exercises usually performed in the gym. Check out my insta for heaps of demos on exercises using long resistance bands!

Back & Shoulders at home workout @laurensimpson | Instagram

Extras to make your home gym more comfortable:

A bench will make a lot of exercises at home easier to perform. I suggest getting a bench that you can adjust the angle to allow more versatility. If you don’t have a bench don’t worry! A lot of exercises can still be performed properly by substituting a chair, lying down on the floor or using your staircase.

Yoga Mat
Exercises that need to be performed on the floor or in a kneeling position will always feel more comfortable when you have a mat down on the floor. This will cushion your spine and knees and reduce the risk of bruising or injury.

A non negotiable at any gym, it should also be a non negotiable at your home gym. This will ensure your space is kept hygienic and you will be kept sweat droplet free! Towels can also be used to add extra resistance to exercises such as a shoulder pull apart or can be used as extra cushioning when performing floor exercises. Need an everyday workout towel? Shop mine here!

Foam Roller
Another favourite of mine for recovery and cool down after a workout. Using a foam roller can help to reduce pain and stiffness associated with DOMS and can help with improving joint range of motion. I like to foam roll for 15-20 minutes after a tough workout or anytime I’m feeling a little sore with muscle pain!

Can’t get access to some of these things? Don’t sweat it! You can use things around the house to assist you with your workout. Substitute a chair for a bench. Stairs can be used for calf raises instead of a step. The end of a couch can be used for tricep dips or for bulgarian split squats. Fill up 2L milk bottles with water or rocks as your own homemade dumbbell or kettlebell. A large book can be used to elevate feet for an exercise. Get creative ladies (but always stay safe, no workout is worth injuring yourself)! Or ask around, you never know who might have bought some gym equipment that they’ve had sitting in the garage unused for years!

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