Top Tips To Recover From Your Workouts Like a Boss!

You’ve smashed an LSF workout. You've increased the resistance and intensity of your exercises. You feel amazing… until the next day when you are barely able to move! There is no worse feeling than your muscles being ultra sore after a workout. Muscle soreness occurs when your muscles are adapting to an increased exercise load, which is super common when you start a new exercise routine (like the Goal Getter challenge!)

Having sore muscles is a total nuisance – but you don’t have to put up with it, babes! Here are my top tips to banish muscle soreness!

Nail your nutrition
We all know nutrition is key for exercise performance, but nutrition is just as important for muscle recovery! Eating enough carbs post-workout is vital to reduce post-exercise muscle soreness. Carbs help to replenish glycogen stores in the muscles, which helps feed the muscles with energy to improve recovery. Gone are the days where we were scared of carbs!

Protein is also super important for decreasing muscle soreness. The amino acids that make up protein are the building blocks of the muscle. Protein helps to replenish and refuel muscles that have been working out hard! A super easy way to boost your protein intake is with a protein powder!

Take some essential amino acids
Muscular damage from exercise is what can cause muscle soreness… this is where essential amino acids (EAAs) save the day! Specifically, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are essential aminos that are really effective at reducing muscle soreness, especially because BCAAs are actually stored inside the muscles!

My favourite is Beyond BCAA-EAA in Raspberry Refresh because it contains all the essential amino acids for muscle recovery, endurance, and enhanced focus, plus it tastes delicious! I drink a scoop mixed with water during my workout, or I also like to get creative and turn it into a post-workout slushy!

Benefits of BCAAs + EAAs

Get your beauty sleep
We all hear time and time again how important sleep is. Getting at least 8 hours sleep per night is ideal to reaaallyyy accelerate the muscle recovery process! Sleep is the time where the body regenerates and restores itself and allows for the muscles to repair itself. Not only will sleep help decrease muscle soreness, but will also help improve your hair, skin, and nails, and strengthen your immune system!

Active recovery
Allowing your muscles to recovery through gentle movement is actually really beneficial for decreasing muscle soreness. This is because movement increases blood flow which will help deliver nutrients and oxygen to the muscles so it can repair itself better and decrease active lactic build up. After a workout, or on rest days, do some active recovery for 15-30 minutes.

Give my fav types of active recovery a try!

Active Recovery

Babes, let me tell you – if you nail all these pillars of recovery, you will definitely banish muscle soreness! Sore muscles are a natural part of exercising, but you do not need to deal with it any longer. When your muscles aren’t sore, you will be able to train harder and see even more results!

Join #LSFbabes and learn to lift with proper technique and recover like a queen!

Loz xx