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The Power Of Full-Body Workouts

I believe that full body training is incredibly underrated, as it provides so many benefits and results, not to mention they keep your workouts fun and different!
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I believe that full-body training is incredibly underrated, as it provides so many benefits and results, not to mention they keep your workouts fun and different!

A major benefit of a full-body training split is that it is super time efficient. If you work full-time, have children or just a busy schedule, then this is a great option to implement into your routine! You will be training all of your muscle groups multiple times per week, so the frequency is still there for you to achieve any muscle gain that you are aspiring to. If you are performing exercises that target opposite muscle groups in a superset, you have the opportunity to decrease rest time too, so the overall length of the session will not take too long and intensity will be high. 

Even if you aren’t in a rush at the gym, and have plenty of time each day to train, full-body splits still have their place. Recovery between workouts is much higher, as you can spread your 2-4 training sessions across the week with an entire day off in between each, which is optimal for muscle recovery! Performing a different muscle group every day is a great way to increase sets per muscle group, however, you may find that you take longer to recover (even when working separate muscle groups) as the Central Nervous System (CNS) may become run-down. By allowing that full 24 hours, you will begin your next workout fresh and ready to give 100%!

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If you are someone who may become bored or struggle to stay engaged at the gym doing body part split programs, or even if you have been training this way for years and need to spice up your routine, then try a full-body split! By alternating muscle groups, and performing more supersets and tri-sets, these workouts tend to be very fun and engaging. Also, as these full-body sessions are less frequent throughout the week, you have the chance to miss the gym on those rest days. Instead of getting to the gym 6 days per week and dreaming about that Sunday rest day, you will be re-motivated every second day for another workout! 

Because there are generally only 3 sessions in a full-body training split, this gives you the opportunity to include an extra session for anything you want to prioritise. Maybe you would like to focus on growing your glutes a little bit more, or you’re hoping to shred down a little extra body fat. This training split allows you the flexibility to include an extra glute session or HIIT workout in your week without it negatively impacting your results. If you choose to do this, just keep in mind that the full-body sessions are a priority. Do not beat yourself up if you couldn’t fit in the chosen extra sessions, because that is the purpose of a full-body split! So that you can prioritise those workouts and still see results, any extra day in the gym is just an added bonus. 

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If you are short on time, get bored easily or just want to change your training routine up, then I greatly recommend giving full body sessions a go! They are fun, effective and will show you results!

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