Sore Muscles? Here's What To Do!

Ever experienced muscles so sore that you can hardly move? Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is SUPER common, especially after killer LSF workouts!

Having super sore muscles can be a massive pain (*literally* 😭) and a mega challenge to deal with — especially when you have a workout planned for the next day!

So what are you supposed to do to get rid of that dreaded feeling? Here are my top ways to deal with muscle soreness! 

1. Keep your body moving

Whilst you may feel like sitting on the couch watching Netflix all day is the solution to your DOMS, it’s actually quite the opposite. Moving your body in a gentle way can help speed up recovery to get your muscles feeling good again!

Gentle movement such as a walk, yoga, or a relaxing swim, helps stimulate blood flow and removal of lactic acid that can help ease post-workout muscular pain!

You should continue to aim to get your daily steps in, even on rest days, to keep muscle soreness at bay! 

2. Take BCAAs

Have you heard of BCAAs? BCAAs are essential amino acids that are scientifically studied to help reduce muscle soreness and enhance recovery.

BCAAs are predominantly stored in your muscles, which is where it exerts its actions to facilitate muscle recovery.

Exercise uses up a lot of BCAAs, which reduces the overall concentration of BCAAs in your body. This is what makes you susceptible to soreness!

The solution? Supplement with BCAAs! Simply add a scoop mixed with water and consume during your workout to keep your BCAA levels topped up. Trust us, it makes a big difference! 

Beyond BCAAs | Benefits

3. Drink more water

Water really does help with A LOT of things — muscle soreness being one of them!

Being optimally hydrated is important to help deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, as well as helping transport waste out! This will help provide your muscles with what it needs to heal faster and excrete that lactic acid build up!

So how much water should you drink? Aim for a minimum of 2 Liters (67 oz) or MORE each day! 

4. Get a massage

We all know getting a massage is relaxing, but did you know there is actually scientific research that shows massage reduces delayed-onset muscle soreness?

Getting a massage post-workout helps ease muscular tension and enhance muscular repair through increasing blood and lymphatic flow. Not only will you feel great after, you know you’ll be doing something wonderful for your muscles!

Can’t get to a massage therapist? Consider getting a massage gun to use on yourself! 

5. Prioritize sleep

Babe, getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night is SO important!

Sleep is the time when your body literally regenerates itself. Whilst you're asleep, your muscles get the chance to recover, heal, and get stronger so that your muscles are in better condition for your next workout. Struggling to fall asleep? Then try these suggestions!

Tips for better sleep

Although there is no way to completely avoid sore muscles, there ARE ways you can reduce it! With proper recovery strategies and nutrition, you will be able to give your body all it needs to enhance recovery and beat that sore feeling!

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Loz xx