#LSFbabe Marina's Shred Transformation

From feeling self-conscious to owning her body, Marina has had an INCREDIBLE inner and outer transformation.

Ever since Marina joined LSF at the start of 2021, she has been working hard to shred and tone her physique, whilst building her body confidence along the way. Marina’s hard work has paid off — she’s lost over 20kg! 

Marina's Transformation, front

Her Journey

Marina joined LSF in January 2021, starting with the Shred and Shape challenge. Since then, Marina has continued to do all the LSF challenges, and is even currently doing our end of year Glow Up challenge! 

Inner & Outer Transformation

When Marina began the Shred & Shape Challenge in January 2021, she weighed in at 78kg. After finishing our latest Bikini X Strong Challenge, she reduced her weight to 57kg!

Not only that, but her waist measurement has reduced from 90cm to 66cm. Talk about an EPIC result!  

“Since I’ve discovered LSF, I’ve lost a total of 28kg and regained part of my personality, confidence and self that I didn’t even know was still there”. 

Marina's Transformation, side

The LSF Experience 

“This has been one of the most difficult yet rewarding times of my life. I’m super excited to continue my journey with LSF. I am beyond excited to continue down this road and see what the future holds!”

“It’s awesome how encouraged and supported I’ve felt right throughout these challenges. It has played such a big part in keeping me focused and motivated to stay on the right path” 

“I really hope that my pictures encourage someone else who may be a bit self-conscious about their body to commit themselves to LSF.” 

Marina's Transformation, back

With LSF, your goals become a reality. We give you ALL the tools you need to succeed. With our workout plans based on my training methods, nutritionist-approved recipe based meal plans, AND tips and tricks from me to boost your mindset — you will be able to truly transform from the outside and inside.

Our community of #LSFbabes are there to uplift and inspire you throughout your journey. With the support of everyone around you, you WILL be able to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

It's time to become the best version of yourself. Could you be our next best transformation? Join our Global Girl Gang today!

Loz xx