#LSFbabe Krista's Shred Transformation

Seeing all my #LSFbabes transformations are super inspiring. This week, I wanted to showcase Krista’s incredible shred transformation! 

Krista is a mother of three from Canada, who was searching high and low for a fitness program that would actually work - her search was over once she found LSF! 

Sick of feeling heavy, Krista was determined to change up her diet and exercise routine to try and lose a few kilos, increase energy levels and curate a positive mindset. She achieved this after completing her first LSF challenge in 2020!

After getting hooked on the LSF experience, Krista continued participating in more challenges and has completely adopted the lifestyle of a #LSFbabe.

Let’s see what Krista had to say about her journey!

Krista's transformation, side

Healthy & Fitness Journey
“I have been heavier since my teenage years and most of my adult life. I have followed other workout programs and have had some good results with weight loss but I always struggled to stay consistent.”

“Before LSF, I was anxious, I couldn't sleep well, I ate junk all the time and it was showing. I felt weak and tired all day long. I could never stick to a workout plan or get my nutrition on track. I didn’t have a healthy mind or body.”

Why I Joined LSF
“I knew I needed some guidance. Then as I was scrolling on instagram, I came across LSF. I knew I had to sign up!”

“I turned 36 and something inside me clicked. I need to focus on my health and get my body and mind to where I want it to be."

“Once I signed up, I started to educate myself on nutrition and weightlifting and I want to learn all I can. I am SUPER ready for the challenge!”

Achieving results
“I have lost a bunch of weight and have gained muscle. My body has never looked like this. I have never felt this good!! I am finally comfortable in my own skin.”

“LSF has been life changing. I’ve seen incredible progress and it makes me so happy. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.”

“At the beginning I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to get my mind right, but I've proved myself wrong. I was consistent with my workouts and meal plan the entire time. The results speak for themselves!”

“I have found inner strength that I never knew I had. I am so happy with how my body is changing!”

Krista's transformation, front

LSF experience

“Joining LSF has changed everything for me and I have learned so much about nutrition and fitness. I am less anxious, I sleep better, I am happier.”

“The best thing for me has been learning to be disciplined with my food Intake. Meal prepping and tracking my macros have really helped to make this possible for me. I never knew how to do this before. I also pushed as hard as I could with the workouts. I didn't give up once!”

“I am so thankful to you and your team and the AMAZING community of babes. You are an amazing coach so thank you!”

Krista's transformation - back

I am SO happy to see Krista and so many other #LSFbabes achieve the results of their dreams. Changing your diet and lifestyle isn’t easy… but with my coaching and the support from all of the other #LSFbabes in our community, ANYTHING is possible! 

Are you our next biggest transformation? Join the LSF community today!

Loz xx