Babes, I am SO excited about my BRAND NEW program LIFT WITH LAUREN! If you’ve ever wanted to train just like me, now you can! My training methods are designed to take your workouts to the next level whilst improving your overall physique, body composition and performance.

Want to learn more? Keep on reading!


LIFT WITH LAUREN is a 4 week (30 day) training program that is based upon the workouts that I am personally loving and doing. This is your chance to follow along with me and thousands of other girls around the world. 

Lift With Lauren is going to be an ongoing program with NEW training blocks released MONTHLY. This means, every month, we will be updating the workouts to reflect the training that I am doing! 

Does purchasing the program give me access to the updated monthly workouts?

Purchasing Lift With Lauren will give you access to 4 weeks (30 days) of the program, which is the first phase of Lift With Lauren. So check back in a month's time, and you’ll be able to purchase the second phase and so on! (Don’t worry about forgetting - you’ll be reminded via email about the new month’s release towards the end of your first 4 weeks).

This is because every month, I will be writing a new workout program to reflect how I am training. This way, we can all train concurrently together and so you can follow along with me. 

How will the training programs differ each month?

Every 4 week block has a DIFFERENT training focus. This means, each 4 week training program will be different in terms of exercise selection, reps, sets, and/or training split. This is to keep your training FUN and FRESH, working on different aspects of your fitness to level up your physique! So stay tuned each month to see what the next training focus will be 😉

What is the training focus of the first 4 weeks of Lift With Lauren?

This first 4 weeks of Lift With Lauren has a training focus of addressing muscle imbalances through resistance training to achieve optimal strength and body composition. You will be working all major muscle groups, still performing all our fave compound lifts, but there will also be more single-leg and single-arm exercises to really challenge your muscles like never before. Be sure to read my latest blog about the benefits of unilateral training to learn more!

What is the training split?

The training split is 5x days a week. There are 2x lower body days, 1x glute focused day, 1x upper body + core, and 1x full upper body. Sessions are approximately 1 hour in duration. 

Do I also get a meal plan?

YES! You get full access to the LSF app. This means you get a 4 week meal plan that is tailored to your calorie needs and nutritional requirements. You’ll find trendy recipes that I’ve been LOVING! Think gnocchi, pasta, overnight oats, scrambled pancakes and so much more. 

So, how do I get started?

If you’re ready to level up your training and experience what it is like to train just like me - then simply purchase LIFT WITH LAUREN today! You can start at any time, however, if you want to follow along concurrently with me, then I do recommend starting the program the same month you purchase it, so we can all do the same 4 week training block together!

Lauren xx