How To Stay Compliant In A Calorie Deficit

Struggling to stick to your calories?

Being in a calorie deficit can be mega challenging. You may experience cravings and temptations that can be really hard to ignore, but don’t let it derail you!

There ARE ways you can stay compliant whilst working towards your fat loss goals!

So, how can you avoid falling off track and stick to your calorie goals? Here are my top 5 tips!  

Include foods you love
Babes, you CAN eat the foods you love AND stick to your calories!

Just because you are eating in a calorie deficit, doesn’t mean you have to exclude certain foods. In fact, eating the foods that you enjoy will actually help keep you on track with your healthy eating!

At LSF, no food is off limits. Pasta, pizza, pancakes, cookies and everything else you love can absolutely be eaten as long as they fit within your total daily calories.

The LSF app makes this SO easy as the nutritionist approved meal plans are designed to be delicious AF — plus, you can SWAP recipes to pick ones better suited to your taste preferences!

Use supplements to your advantage
Supplements are the secret weapon to sticking to your calorie deficit.

OxyShred is an absolute essential to me when I’m in a fat loss phase. Not only does OxyShred contain a blend of fat-burning nutrients to help boost metabolism, but it also contains chromium to help stabilize appetite and keep sweet cravings at bay!

Plus, the all-natural flavors are DELICIOUS and will totally satisfy your sweet tooth. I LOVE Passionfruit for its tropical flavor and Passiona vibes 👌

Want something a little sweeter? Mango literally tastes like breakfast mango juice, and Raspberry Refresh has a super refreshing sweet berry flavor!

Ditch the 'all or nothing' approach
Girls, eating one indulgent meal is not going to derail you. Many people are under the impression that one ‘bad’ meal or snack means you should ‘quit’ healthy eating and start again another time.

It’s time to ditch that approach ASAP! Being in a calorie deficit is a journey. You are not going to eat perfectly every single day — and that’s okay! Instead of getting yourself down about it, pick yourself back up and continue making healthier choices in your next meals and snacks! 

Establish healthy surroundings
The saying “out of mind, out of sight” really is true, babes!

To stay compliant, you need to make your surroundings as healthy as possible. If your kitchen is filled with energy-dense, non-nutritious foods, you may feel ‘tempted’ and more likely to over-indulge.

So how should you combat this? Keep your kitchen stocked up with nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, and healthy snack alternatives. It’s best just to buy ‘treat’ foods when you actually feel like them, as opposed to keeping them in abundance in your kitchen cupboard. 

Keep your goals in sight
Keeping your goals in the forefront of your mind can be the BIGGEST motivator.

Whilst it can be easy to fall off track sometimes, it is important to remember WHY you are in a calorie-deficit in the first place. What motivated you? What are you trying to achieve? Write it down in your phone, or in a journal and refer back to it as often as you need.

Remember: Progress is impossible without change. 

Whilst it can be SUPER hard sticking to your calories, it CAN be done, and there are ways to make being in a calorie deficit more manageable.

Having the right support is absolutely essential when on a fat loss journey. That’s why I LOVE seeing all my #LSFbabes uplift and encourage each other through doing LSF programs! Plus, our meal plans ensure that your taste buds are satisfied whilst giving you the calories you need to hit your goals 👏

Need help smashing your fat loss goals? Become an #LSFbabe today!

Loz xx