How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Girls, you’re telling me that we have to maintain full-time work, a social life, sleep eight hours a night, exercise, drink enough water AND eat healthy?! I don’t remember signing up for this chaos that we call adult life!

It can often feel like time is continuously slipping through our fingers and it can be really tricky to find balance. On top of all this, the financial stress that comes with trying to fuel your body with all the goodness and stick within your budget can be really overwhelming. That’s why I’m here to hopefully relieve a little it of that stress and give you my tops on how to eat healthy on a budget.

Kim K Meme

Shop seasonally
Yep, you guessed it, to shop seasonally is to purchase fruits and vegetables when they’re in season. Fruits and vegetables that are in season are significantly cheaper! Shopping seasonally will not only you save money but you will also allow you to diversify your intake, which is great for your gut. Further to this, buying items when they’re in season will mean you get to enjoy them in all their glory and full flavour.

Spring Produce (Aus)

Fall Produce (USA)

Plan your meals in advance
Allocating some time to plan out your meals and create a basic structure for your week will reduce the chances of you opting for last-minute takeaway options. Even better, let the LSF app do all the work for you! You can plan your whole week of meals and select delicious recipes that have all been macro and calorie calculated for you.

Make meal prepping your new bestie on the weekends – I promise that your future self will thank you for it! You can make things even easier for yourself by choosing 2-3 main meals and alternating between them for lunch and dinners throughout the week. Completely change up the flavours and keep things interesting by adding different sauces or spices to your meal. For example; soy, honey and ginger for an Asian style dressing.

The way I stay compliant with my diet is by sticking to my go-to meals that you girls will always see me posting on my social media; egg whites on toast, rice paper rolls, stir-frys, etc. I’m a creature of habit and I genuinely love all the foods I eat! This way, I walk into the supermarket knowing exactly what I need to buy every week!

Grocery Shop Like A Boss

Write a shopping list
Once you’ve planned your meals, write out your shopping list for groceries. Having a list to go off will mean you won’t be tempted by last-minute buys in the supermarket. Sometimes, the hardest thing can be actually sticking to your list once you get there, so make sure you’re transparent and honest with yourself about why sticking to your meal plan is important for your personal and financial goals. Further to this, shopping online for your groceries means you won’t be tempted by in-store buys either.

Meat-free Mondays!
Reducing our consumption of animal products is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for our health and bank accounts (triple win!) Consider having one day a week where you go meat-free and swap out your protein source for a plant-based one, for example; use tofu instead of chicken in your salad, or black beans in tacos instead of ground beef.

Look out for weekly specials
How great is the feeling of all of your faves being on special in the same week?! Keeping an eye out for weekly specials will save you sometimes up to 50% off the price! The delayed gratification of waiting for these items will pay off in the long run, you can always just stock up on these things when they are offered at a lower price!

Compare supermarket and brand prices
How long have you been shopping at your current supermarket? I know it can be hard to change your ways once you are loyal to a certain place, however, exploring and comparing other supermarkets can be a great way to reduce your grocery bill. For example, you will often find that fruits and vegetables from a smaller grocer, as opposed to a large chain will be sold at a far lower price. The same goes for considering trying alternative brands of your go-to products!

I hope you babes now feel more confident going into your weekly grocery shop knowing that you can still eat healthy on a budget!

The LSF app is loaded with hundreds of easy and delicious macro-friendly recipes so you can eat like a queen and work hard towards your goals. We’ve made meal planning and grocery shopping even easier now! With app updates including; the ability to search for a recipe or ingredient and copy your meal plan across the whole week. Join #LSFBabes today!