How To Break Through A Fitness Plateau

Do you feel like your progress is slowing down despite putting in a lot of effort? You’re not alone!

A fitness plateau is super common, particularly amongst those who have been training for a while. Although experiencing a plateau may feel like a nuisance, it’s actually a good thing. It means you’ve progressed to a point where it’s time to refine your routine and unlock a whole new level of potential.

Here’s what you should do if you feel like your progress is stalling:

Use progressive overload 

A plateau happens when your body gets used to your current level of workout intensity. Have you been squatting the same weight for a few weeks now? It’s time to switch things up!

Progressive overload means gradually intensifying your workout to keep your muscles working hard. LSF workouts are designed with progresisve overload in mind, with a decrease/increase in reps (depending on the exercise) over the weeks, however, this is only effective if you also increase the weight you're lifting!

Each week, aim to lift slightly heavier than the week before. Adding 1-5kg more is enough! This way, your muscles will continually be worked and you’ll be able to get better results. 

Get enough rest

Whilst what you do in your workout is important, so is what you do outside the gym! 

Rest is a totally underrated factor when it comes to getting progress. Exercising too hard with little rest will only lead to exhaustion and impair your overall performance. 

It’s super important to give your body the time it needs to rest and rejuvenate. The best way to do this is to prioritize getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night. During sleep, hormones are released to help muscle repair as well as help regulate appetite for the next day. 

So do yourself a favor and take the time to rest, babes! 

Eat enough calories

Just like how overtraining impairs progress, so does eating too little.

Often, people assume if they are not seeing results, they need to eat less. But this is not always the case! In fact, eating more may be just what you need to get results. 

Your body utilizes a lot more calories than you think just to sustain your body, even at rest. Add working, exercising, and everything else you do on top of that, and you actually use up a lot of calories every day! 

If weight loss is your goal, you do need to be in a slight calorie deficit - but this deficit only needs to be 200-500 calories less than your maintenance. 

If muscle building (like building your booty) is your goal, then you need to eat more than you burn (at least 200-500 calories more).

So depending on your goal, take a look at your diet and see if you need to make any tweaks. Listen to your body and give it the foods it needs to thrive! 

Track your progress

Even though you think you’re plateauing, you may surprise yourself. Sometimes, it is hard to see the changes in your physique and know just how much you're improving, but trust me, change is happening!

Ensure you still take weekly progress photos, log your weight or body measurements, log the weight you use for resistance exercises, and even track your mood and energy levels. This way, you can really see how you are progressing!

So babes, whilst a workout plateau is super common, there ARE ways you can overcome it! By incorporating these tips into your life and having some patience, you will get back to seeing the results you’ve worked so hard for!

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