How I Stay Shredded Whilst Being A Social Butterfly

So, you’ve nailed your nutrition and given 100% in every workout this week? Yes queen! But with the weekend now approaching, you’re worrying about navigating socialising whilst staying on track? Girl, I’ve been there too!

Thinking of social situations used to cause so much stress for me. I would be so worried about meticulously tracking my calories and would even go to the extent of skipping the event entirely. That was the old me! I’ve now completely transformed my mindset. I no longer stop my life for my training and fat loss goals - I don’t want to watch life pass me by while I’m sitting at home eating plain chicken and broccoli. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Skinny mojitos and sweet potato fries instead pls!

I want to show you that you can get shredded whilst being a social butterfly - it IS possible to still enjoy your life and reach your fitness and nutrition goals! My mentality has now completely shifted, and I’m going to help you shift yours too! Check out my tips below for how to enjoy life while still smashing your goals!

Make mindful choices
When dining out, I like to go by the quarters rule on a plate (see below). Filling half my plate with salad or non-starchy vegetables, a quarter of my plate with starchy carbs such as rice, bread or potatoes, and the final quarter as a lean protein source. I find when I think like this, it can be easy to choose dishes when out that still will be macro friendly but also enjoyable. My fave is grilled chicken breast, sweet potato fries and steamed veg or salad!

Starchy carbs, protein and vegetables plate
Lauren out to dinner, eating sweet potato fries

Schedule in your workout
Prioritise getting your workout done in the morning, or before heading to your social event. Lock it into your schedule and make it your priority for the day! I like to get my session done in the morning if I know I have something on later that day, just so I don’t have to rush/stress about being late! Set your alarm a little earlier, set out the clothes you want to wear for your workout, pack your gym bag, and pop your OxyShred on your bedside table so you can get energised for your workout!

The LSF app is literally a life saver in these moments! Walk into the gym with confidence knowing you’re going to have an epic session because you have all you need in your pocket. Access my app and get your 8 week shred or bikini build program here!

Choose active catchups with friends
Multi-task, babe! You don’t have to choose exercise over catching up with friends. Schedule a catch up with your girls and choose an activity that gets your bodies moving. Go for a nice long walk, go paddle boarding or play a game of tennis. Trying something that’s new and out of your comfort zone is good for the soul! Choose an activity that is fun AND active. Check out my blog that's all about finding your ULTIMATE girl gang of babes who support your healthy lifestyle here!

Choose drinks you can easily track
If you’re going out to a social event and you do want to have an alcoholic beverage or two, just make sure you add it into your daily calorie allowance. This might mean doing a little reshuffling, but it is possible! When I go out I like to choose vodka, fresh lime and soda water as my drink of choice. I choose this as it’s easy to track and tastes good! If I’m really craving a cocktail, I let myself enjoy one. Life’s too short to miss out. I will usually start with 1 cocktail and then switch to a lighter option.

Drinking in excess isn’t healthy for anyone. I try to limit my alcoholic beverages to 1-2 when I’m out to stick to a healthy amount consumed.

Friday Night Drinks

Don't sweat the small stuff
So you went a little over on your calories or had a few too many drinks on the weekend? Girl, we’ve all been there! A healthy lifestyle is something that is ongoing throughout life. One day of splurging isn’t going to impact on your results in the long run. After this happens, don’t beat yourself up. Just pick up where you left off and commit to having a healthy and balanced day the next day! I will always have my healthy, go-to breakfast the morning after a night out and go for a walk.

So, ladies, you CAN work towards your goals whilst being a social butterfly. I want all of my #LSFbabes to find balance and enjoy all the little things in life (like sweet potato fries). Want to live your best life and build a better version of yourself? My shred and bikini build programs are available NOW!