How To Break Through A Fitness Plateau

We all know that exercise improves physical health, but are there any mental health benefits?

The answer is… absolutely! Whilst exercise is by no means a cure, physical activity certainly can boost your mindset and overall wellbeing. Wondering how? Keep on reading! 

Exercise may help improve anxiety and depression

And yep, this is scientifically validated! Research shows that regular physical activity can reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, and low mood. It is proposed that the increase of blood flow from exercise helps improve circulation in the brain, which positively impacts the brain's reaction to stressors (1). In fact, exercise has been shown to improve the function of several parts of the brain such as the amygdala and hippocampus, which is responsible for anxiety, mood, and motivation (1). 

Exercise boosts your mood

It certainly is true that exercise can elevate your mood. This is all thanks to neurotransmitters!

Neurotransmitters are essentially chemical messengers that influence the way your body responds and feels. Specifically, exercise stimulates the release of:
- Norepinephrine: improves mental alertness (2)
- Dopamine: makes you feel a sense of reward and motivation (2)
- Serotonin: improves mood, happiness and decreases anxiety (2)

This is why you can feel quite euphoric after a workout. Exercise is literally a natural mood booster! 

Exercise can reduce stress

Regular physical activity can be a great form of stress management. Cortisol is the hormone that is responsible for making you feel stressed out. Something incredible about exercise is that it actually reduces cortisol levels, which in turn makes you feel less stressed (3). Exercise also helps regulate the release of catecholamines (a fancy name for a type of hormone) which help reduce stress (2).

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