How To Break Through A Fitness Plateau

Think you’ve tried everything to reduce your bloating? Think again!

An estimated 30% of the population experience bloating. Nobody likes feeling that dreaded discomfort… but the good news is, there ARE ways you can reduce your likelihood of experiencing and the severity of bloating.

Whilst bloating can be caused by some medical conditions, for most people, bloating is caused by poor dietary and lifestyle habits. Here are 6 things you can do to reduce bloating!

1. Eat mindfully

Let’s face it, most of us eat on the go or whilst doing other things - this is surprisingly one of the biggest contributors to bloating! Eating like this reduces digestive ability and makes you more prone to bloating.

Instead, eat mindfully. The way you can do this is by eating slowly, eliminating distractions (like your phone and TV), being attentive to the textures of the food and being present in the moment.

Trust us, this is the simplest way to reduce the chances of bloating - so aim to eat mindfully with all your meals! 

2. Eat more leafy greens

We all know we should be eating more greens, but the truth is, only 5% of the population eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables!

Whilst all vegetables are beneficial, leafy greens really do have the power to improve your overall gut health and wellbeing. Leafy greens are rich in fibre as well as magnesium that can help improve bowel frequency and decrease bloating.

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3. Reduce consumption of artificial sweeteners

Whilst foods and drinks containing no sugar and artificial sweeteners instead can be good to help reduce calorie intake, they may not be the best in terms of bloating.

Artificial sweeteners are known to affect the gut microbiome as some of them can be hard to digest. Instead, opt for natural sweeteners or simply consume foods with artificial sweeteners less often. 

4. Move your body

Yep, that’s right - regular exercise actually has an incredible de-bloating effect! Exercise helps stimulate blood flow through your intestines, as well as promoting bowel regularity. Any form of exercise is beneficial for this purpose: walking, yoga, strength training - essentially it's all about moving your body in a way you enjoy every day and being consistent.

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5. Try an abdominal massage

Okay, this may sound a little random, but giving yourself an abdominal massage is actually quite effective in reducing bloating as it helps to stimulate bowel regularity.

Start by using your fingertips to massage over your abdomen in a circular motion. Begin on the lower right side of your abdomen and work your way up, across, and back down the left side. Essentially, you’ll be massaging right over your intestines.

Give me the benefit of the doubt and be sure to give it a try! 

6. Don't eat too close to bedtime

Ever eaten a big meal at night and woke up bloated the next morning? There is a reason for it!

Whilst food timing does not matter much in terms of weight loss, food timing does matter when it comes to bloating.

Digestion extremely slows down while you're asleep, hence why eating close to bedtime may make you more likely to experience bloating. Instead, ensure that your last meal is at least 2-3 hours before your bedtime. This way, your stomach can digest the food well before you actually fall asleep. 

Whilst bloating is extremely common, you do not have to live with it. There ARE things you can do every day to reduce the chance and severity of bloating. At the end of the day, a healthy diet and exercise really is key!

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Lauren xx