Who was ready to smash 2020 and then COVID came along and derailed those plans? Many of us had huge plans to live out and have had to adapt to a new way of life. I want my #LSFbabes to take back control and reclaim your year!!! Take charge of your life and sign up to my new 8 Week Empower Challenge today! 


Health especially in this new climate is of utmost importance so implementing an exercise routine and nutrition plan will not only serve you from an aesthetic standpoint but also internally by supporting your immune system, mood, hormone function, and for giving you the right fuel to grow and feed your muscles.

Not so long ago I thought I was healthy, but I was really punishing myself with what I was doing to my body and that did not serve me well!! I was over exercising, under-eating, had low self esteem and felt generally unhappy with myself and life. Since learning the in's and out's of exercising to get results, and nailing a nutrition regime I learnt that there is a fine art to doing this.  



Once you have the foundation you will have both the education behind you and will feel so much more empowered with a killer bod to match!!! These days I take a more balanced approach to health and fitness, I’m taking it slow building up my strength again after my surgery so I can come back stronger both physically and mentally. I give my body fuel that I know is going to both nourish my body, feed my soul and help me to build lean muscle!

so let me show you HOW To 


Iso kilos got you feeling a little down? here's my tips!

Get ready to reach your fat loss goals, build lean muscle, learn so much about the science behind nailing fitness and nutrition, and be part of a like-minded community! I help you along the way and share with you my knowledge, such as my top fat loss tips to get your goals fast tracked! Watch the video on the right where you’ll see me share some of my top tips (AND there is so much more where that came from in the NEW Empower Challenge!)  

Healthy eating does not have to be boring.

I pride myself on having meal plans that not only get you results but also taste amazing! Below I show you a taste of what kind of recipes you will receive in the challenge. Try out my cottage cheese pancakes! These will give you a protein hit and they taste heavenly. YUMMM

Try My real-time workout

YOU can do this ladies, which is why I thought I would share with you a little excerpt of my new challenge! Try this workout straight from the challenge and feel yourself get EMPOWERED and ready to TAKE BACK CONTROL!!

BUILD yourself up! 

I changed my life and you can change YOURS too!! My new challenge will give you both the education behind the exercise and nutrition plan to help you continue your transformation long after the challenge ends! I want my #LSFbabes to feel in control, empowered and ready to take on whatever challenge life throws at you!! Hey, I was NOT expecting to be thrown my bowel surgery and then COVID-19 straight after...but that’s life and we have to learn to adapt to change. Take a look at these amazing women who have changed their lives and physique using my programs! 


"Thank you very much for all the teaching you gave me, I am very happy and 100% satisfied, with a new body and a new mentality."


"These challenges are life-changing. I’ve tried so many times to get a healthy and fit lifestyle and to reach my body goals, but it never lasted for more than a week. It's incredible to see how far you can come in 8 weeks with the right coach."


"I can’t believe how much my back and arms have toned up! I am so happy with the results!! Cannot wait to see what the future has to bring! 😭🙌"

What will you get from the challenge? 

  • 8 week HOME or GYM-based training program- with the option to change between the two if your circumstances change!
  • Daily tips & weekly real-time workouts + check-ins + Facebook live chats with me
  • 8 week recipe-based meal plan (with daily calorie and macro breakdown to suit your individual goals)
  • Complimentary post-challenge and deload guide
  • Weekly personal growth tasks and cardio challenges
  • Access to our Facebook forum, where you will connect with #LSFbabes from all over the globe!
  • The best transformational journey will win a FREE HOLIDAY to train and workout with me! Open worldwide!
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TRUSTED BY OVER 155,000+ #LSFbabes

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Stop trying to dodge the process - accept change in order to grow.

This is your chance to harness control and take your mind and body to where you never have before! Learn from me, train like me & get results!