#LSFbabes EMPOWERING Transformations!

Congratulations to ALL my #LSFbabes that completed the EMPOWER 8 week challenge! I am SO proud of each of you for giving the challenge absolutely everything you’ve got, pushing past your barriers, and achieving EPIC results! 

I was SO blown away by all the transformations I’ve been seeing, that I wanted to showcase a handful of absolutely EMPOWERING transformations to celebrate the #LSFbabes in this wonderful community 💕


Jasmin - Side Transformation

“Saying I’m proud of myself is a complete understatement. What I have achieved and learnt in the last 8 weeks is beyond anything I could have imagined. In 8 weeks I have lost 7kgs and 16cms.”

“I feel confident AF!!! I’m happy, full of energy and loving life! This challenge has taught me to fuel my body with my calories, not just eating to fill my calories!!”

“I’m so excited for the next challenge to push my body to another limit and see what I can achieve. Bring it on!!! 💪🏼 This community is so amazing! I can’t thank you girls and Lauren enough. You’ve changed my life!!”


Marina - Side Transformation

“Words can't describe how proud I am of myself. Never thought I’d be here after 8 weeks. I am soooo pumped for the next BIKINI X STRONG challenge in a week and can’t wait to see where it takes me! What an amazing community of empowered women I'm so grateful to be a part of!


Jilly - Front Transformation

“That’s a wrap! 4lbs down and lots of inches off the waist and chest. I’m so beyond proud of my results not only physically but especially mentally. I’m so much happier and more positive. I don’t get scared to eat food anymore and actually fuel my body. I hit so many PB’s in this challenge with deadlifts and squats!

I made a group of LSF besties that are joining me on the next challenge. We motivate and inspire each other daily but we also talk and support one another. I can’t thank you enough Lauren for being an amazing coach and creating these challenges. They have truly helped me grow so much. She’s the best coach and has created the best girl gang.”


Sinead - Side Transformation

“First challenge completed and couldn’t be happier with my results. I have lost a total of 6 cm of my hips, 14 cm of my chest and a massive 16 cm of my waist. I cannot believe I achieved this in just 8 weeks — all from home training! Also, what an amazing community Lauren has made. This group is filled with happy, positive and encouraging women. Cannot wait to start my next challenge, bring on BIKINI X STRONG!"


Renee - Front Transformation

“Challenge completed!! This is the perfect example why you should screw the scales…Week 1 - 56.4kg Week 8 - 57.9kg! Gained 1.5kgs but lost 5.5cms!! Couldn’t be happier!”

I hope you all feel empowered after seeing these incredible transformations. Hard work and dedication, and a little help from LSF is all you need to achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of! 

I can’t WAIT to kick off BIKINI X STRONG on August 16th! Using the methods that got me to the Bikini World Champion stage, I am going to coach you through workouts that are going to shred and sculpt your body, whilst following a delicious meal plan AND boosting your confidence along the way! 

It’s your LAST CHANCE to sign up to BIKINI X STRONG, so get in quick! 

Loz xx