#LSFBabe of the Week: Jillian’s Fat Loss Transformation

Transformations are NOT easy. Growing and changing physically, emotionally and mentally takes A LOT of strength, determination and courage, especially when it comes to battling our inner voices of doubt and fear. The process is tough, but the outcome is SO worth it.

I am so proud of each and every #LSFbabe that has accomplished AMAZING transformations. Your hard work does not go unnoticed and I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am of you.

This week, I want to shine the spotlight and celebrate this incredible #LSFbabe, Jillian, who has inspired me.

Jillian is unstoppable. She has completed the Fierce & Festive challenge, EMPOWER challenge, Bikini X Strong challenge, and has just finished the GOAL GETTER Challenge. What a machine!

Despite having been quite active in her college years, Jillian struggled with weight gain as an adult. Marriage, mental health struggles, and physical injuries were all obstacles that prevented her from working on her weight loss goals in the past.

But, she overcame these challenges!

It wasn’t until joining LSF that Jillian could overcome her physical and mental barriers to finally achieve fat loss results!

Jillian's transformation

Weight journey 
“In 2015, I was 300lbs. I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror. I was completely disgusted and depressed so I decided to change.”

“I had gained so much weight from a horrible marriage. I was also very depressed and was unable to exercise for months from having elbow surgery. Then I started a new career, and put exercise on the back burner.”

"With LSF, I’ve gone from 300lbs to 219lbs! It was always my goal to get into the 200’s and now I’ve achieved that!”

Jillian's transformation

The LSF community

“I was motivated to join because I’ve followed Lauren on Instagram and her programs and workouts have been successful for others. I was searching for a nutrition/exercise program that will help me finally reach my weight loss goals. I wanted something fun and new and that worked.”

“The group of LSF babes really helps keep me going and accountable. I enjoyed the group support on Instagram and Facebook. All you LSF babes motivate me!”

“I’m so grateful to have found Lauren and have her as my coach.”

Completely LSF challenges
"The challenge has been so incredibly motivating. I did the first 3 weeks at home and the 4th week I went back to the gym. I found I get equal amounts of progress at home as I do in the gym so that was exciting. I'm definitely stronger that when I began.”

“The workout and food program went really well. I loved the whole challenge. This is the best workout and support group ever."

“I had previously always skipped meals. I knew that was not healthy and my goal was to hit my macros and really dial in my nutrition. I had the most yummy food and really enjoyed the meal plan.”

Seeing results

“What surprised me is how much weight I lost eating a ton of food and how much stronger I became mentally from eating well.”

"I learned how to love yourself even on your hard days and that a workout can change your mentality when dealing with hard life stuff. It's ok to be easy on yourself and take a day off and still make progress!"

“These results are so incredible and I couldn’t have done it without you Loz for this incredible group of women. Thank you for all the support and motivation.”

Jillian's transformation

Nothing makes me prouder than seeing my #LSFbabes achieve outstanding results. I love getting to coach thousands of women across the globe to overcome physical and mental barriers.

I’m super excited to coach you all in my upcoming EMPOWER challenge! This challenge is all about giving you all you need to transform your physique so you can FINALLY achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of.

I know you are ready for your biggest transformation.
Sign up for the EMPOWER challenge today!

Loz xx