#LSFbabe Jess' Shred Transformation

From under eating and doing cardio to fueling her body and building muscle, #LSFbabe Jess has been able to achieve an INCREDIBLE transformation!

Jess is a nurse originally from Columbia, but now is based in the USA. She has been an #LSFbabe since June 2020, having completed MANY challenges and programs.

Jess joined LSF in hopes of building muscle, after unsuccessful past attempts. Once becoming part of the LSF community, Jess was able to completely change her mindset around nutrition.

Having been scared to initially increase her calories, Jess was able to up her calorie intake and FINALLY build some muscle!

Tania's transformation, side

“Before LSF, I had previously tried ‘building’ for months with no success. Turns out I was way undereating. I was eating around 1200 calories and was afraid to increase my calories.”

“For years I tried to be in a calorie deficit and increase cardio with little to no success.” 

However, after joining LSF, Jess reached out to the support team where she was recommended to increase her calorie intake to support her physique goals.

“I gradually started to increase my calorie intake. Once I started eating 1800 calories, it really woke my body up and I was able to use the energy. I can see the changes in my body and most importantly, I have more energy”. 

“Now, I’m eating a flexible diet of around 1800-1900 calories. I get to eat delicious food like pizza, burgers, and cakes.”

Jess has come a long way since joining LSF. She has not only achieved her goals but has also achieved epic non-scale victories as well. 

“I’ve learnt so much! I’ve learnt to eat properly, I gained more confidence and to love myself even more. I’m more comfortable wearing shorts at the gym, and I absolutely love feeling strong!”

“I can’t believe how my body has transformed in the past six months thanks to proper, balanced nutrition and training while enjoying life”. 

“I am so happy with my progress and non-scale wins. I’m more confident, have learnt the importance of eating, and I am way stronger. These challenges push me to do better and overcome any fears or limits”.

Krista's transformation, front

Jess was able to become part of an amazing supportive community filled with other women around the globe to support her through her fitness journey.

“I am connected with amazing women from all over the world and everyday I’m learning more about this healthy lifestyle.”

“Thank you to my dear coach Lauren, for your excellent workout programs. I’m blown away with all the amazing transformations I’ve seen. Thanks for inspiring us”. 

Krista's transformation, back

Jess shows us that the key to getting the results you want is to change your mindset, educate yourself about nutrition and fitness, and be part of a supportive community. I LOVE seeing #LSFbabes increase their calories and build muscle. There is nothing more empowering than being a strong boss babe! 

Could you be our next best transformation? Join the LSF community today!

Loz xx