How To Make Your New Year's Resolutions A Reality

Ever made New Year’s Resolutions to only give up on them by the end of January? I feel you, babes! Sticking to your New Year's goals can be super challenging — it takes active effort and consistency to turn your resolutions into reality! 

With 2021 officially over and done, New Year’s is the PERFECT time for a fresh new start. So, what should you do differently this year to actually see changes? Here are my biggest tips for kicking off 2022 so you can achieve your resolutions! 

1. Set realistic goals

Babes, transformations don’t happen overnight. Creating a resolution that is super drastic and unrealistic is only going to set you up for disappointment and cause you to give up.

So what should you do? Set a realistic goal for yourself. Goals should be specific and measurable so you can actually have a way of tracking progress. When it comes to physique changes, slow and steady always wins the race!

Let’s say your goal is to drop body fat. Simply just having that broad goal isn’t enough. You should set a specific ‘micro’ goal, such as losing 5kg in 8 weeks, to make your broader goal more achievable. This will give you something to specifically work towards and will keep you motivated along your journey! 

2. Reassess your current lifestyle and diet

As much as we want our resolutions to come true, simply wishing for it isn’t enough — you will have to make some changes! 

The first step is to reassess what your current diet is like. Where do you think you can improve? What do you think you can do differently to improve your eating? Reflect on those things and write it down, so you know where you can make changes.

Same goes with your lifestyle! Are you exercising regularly? Do you get a good amount of sleep? Your lifestyle has to be conducive to the goal you want to achieve in order for it to happen! 

3. Turn your goals into actionable steps

This is where the magic really happens! You know what you want to achieve, you’ve figured out what areas of diet and lifestyle you need to improve — now you need to figure out how you are going to achieve it. How many times a week will you exercise? How many calories will you be eating?

This is often the step that is hardest and often, people give up because it’s simply too complicated to figure out what exercises you need to do, and what to eat, all on your own. Babes, that's where LSF comes in! 

LSF has a team of both fitness and nutrition experts do all that hard work for you. Our programs and challenges are specifically designed for certain fitness goals, so that all you have to do is simply open the LSF app and follow along! If you're wanting to achieve a New Year’s shred, the SHRED & SHAPE challenge will be perfect for you! 

4. Stay accountable and keep motivated

Staying accountable and keeping motivated is KEY to both achieving AND maintaining all your hard-earned results! One of the easiest ways to stay accountable is by surrounding yourself with a community of people that are there to support and motivate you throughout your journey. That could be friends, family, coworkers — tell those around you what you are trying to achieve and let them lift you up when you need it! 

If you’re part of the LSF community, you’ll know that the support you get from other #LSFbabes is out of this world! When joining SHRED & SHAPE, you’ll get EXCLUSIVE access to our Facebook group, where you can chat to thousands of other girls around the globe doing the exact same thing as you! Honestly, the positivity that is spread amongst #LSFbabes is so inspiring and really keeps everyone motivated to achieve the best results! 

Babes, 2022 is the YEAR for making your resolutions come true! With the right goals, consistency, and a little help from LSF, you literally can achieve anything you put your mind to. 

Let’s kickstart your resolutions NOW by joining my most popular challenge — SHRED & SHAPE! In just 8 weeks, you’ll build healthy habits, shred body fat, and sculpt a feminine physique — all while eating delicious food and training like a QUEEN! 

Hope to see you all there — I can’t wait to coach you! Let’s smash your New Year’s goals together! 

Loz xx