How To Choose Your Fitness Goal

Ready to start working on your fitness in 2022? Then you’re gonna need a fitness goal!

Having a clear goal helps to guide you through your fitness journey, increases motivation, and will help you get better results in the long run. After all, you can’t see progress if you don’t know what you're looking for!

When starting an LSF challenge (like my biggest challenge of the year — SAS!), you’ll be prompted to pick between three fitness goals. But, which one should you pick? How do you know which goal is right for you?

Here is all you need to know! 

Fat Loss

As the name suggests, fat loss is for those who wish to reduce body fat and slim down. This tends to be quite a popular goal over the New Year period, because working on a fat loss goal will help give you a shredded, lean physique.

By picking fat loss, your meal plan will be at a calorie level that puts you in a calorie deficit. This means that you’ll be eating less calories than you will be burning each day (which is what helps you drop fat). But don’t worry — you won’t be going hungry! LSF is all about nourishment — you’ll have plenty of delicious foods like pizza, pasta, pancakes and so much more to enjoy! 

Tone Up

Want to stay fit whilst maintaining your current physique? Then tone up will be your goal! This goal is perfect for those who are already happy with their current body fat and muscle mass.

By selecting ‘tone up’, you’ll be given a meal plan at a maintenance calorie level. This means you’ll be eating around the same amount of calories you’ll be burning each day.

You may want to choose tone up if you want to ease back into healthy eating, have just come out of a fat loss phase, or if you’re simply just happy with your bod the way it is but want to keep it in tip top shape! 

Booty Building

Want to build that booty and create a strong feminine physique? Then you should choose ‘booty building’! This goal is designed to help you increase your muscle mass, particularly so you can actually build larger glutes.

By selecting ‘booty building’, you’ll be given a meal plan that puts you in a calorie surplus. This means you’ll be eating more calories than you’ll be burning each day. The extra calories will be used to create more muscle!

It’s important to know you can’t magically target one part of your body and not another. By selecting this goal, you can expect your glutes will grow (as long as you're doing the exercises, of course!) but you also will create lean muscle overall.

Remember: strong = sexy! 

If you’re ready to take charge of your fitness this year, it’s time you pick a goal and start the year off with a BANG!

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Loz xx