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Aiming to be the ultimate #LSFBOSSBABE inside and out? I want my #LSFbabes to not only gain confidence from having a well balanced, defined and shredded figure, but also from having confidence in themselves. Being a boss babe empowers you to smash your workouts both physically, and mentally to help you take control of your life...

You can be your own #BODYGOALS!!! This is where my #LSFBOSSBABE 8 week challenge is going to transform your life... 

The #LSFBOSSBABE Challenge includes:

  • 8 week HOME or GYM-based training program
  • NEW FEATURE: Option to choose 3 or 5 days a week training sessions for my busy #bossbabes who need to make it work their schedules!  
  • 8 week recipe-based meal plan (with daily calorie and macro breakdown) 
  • Daily tips & weekly check-ins + Facebook live chats with me 
  • Complimentary post-challenge and deload guide 
  • Weekly personal growth tasks and cardio challenges  
  • Access to our Facebook forum, where you will connect with #LSFbabes from all over the globe! 


Take Charge Of Your Training 

One of the most critical parts of training is to be able to nail your form! This challenge has taken the guesswork out of working out by including videos and descriptions of exercises so you can be sure you are performing your workouts correctly. During the #LSFBOSSBABE challenge you will also have access to our LSF Facebook forum to allow you to ask any questions you think of. My team of experts will be around 24/7 to answer any fitness and nutrition related questions!  

Build Body Confidence 

Being a #LSFBOSSBABE also means having confidence in yourself! This challenge will empower you to BE YOUR OWN #BODYGOALS! By taking the time each day to do something for yourself whether that is smashing your workout or preparing your healthy meals will help you build confidence to unleash that boss babe within!

Checking in with like-minded #LSFbabes will also make you a part of a community that lifts each other up. Believe me, the daily dose of motivation that these girls give, will help you become the most empowered and fierce version of you! Let’s all be powerful BOSS BABES together!!

Be A #LSFBOSSBABE At Any Fitness Level 

I know it can be so intimidating to think about starting a new program (especially if you have never been to the gym before). My new challenge caters to women of all fitness levels! Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, or you are an advanced girl and just want to work on your strength this challenge has you covered!

With the option of home or gym based programs you’re able to work out on your terms and work towards building the signature #LSFBabes shape!!!  

Get The Results You Want

Find out why my LSF challenges have the best results out there!!! My challenge incorporates full body workouts with the option to choose 3 or 5 day training routines to cater for my busy #bossbabes! Ultimately my programs are designed for girls to create a tighter waist, bigger glutes, and defined shoulders. In my new challenge I incorporate full body training with some extra attention on glutes to create a well balanced bikini body shape. Having confidence in the gym or your home workouts will take your training to the next level and empower you with the confidence to take charge of your life. The 8 week challenge switches up the training program every two weeks to help you to continue your progress, while never getting bored with your program.

Checkout some of my client transformations! Serious #GOALS! 

Master Your Macros 

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand when wanting to achieve results from a program. You could be training enough in the gym but if you are not fuelling your body with the correct nutrition then you might be hindering your results.

This is why I’ve included a nutrition plan and delicious recipes within the challenge so you can be sure your hard work in the gym isn’t going to waste.

Complementing your workout with the correct nutrition and supplements can enhance your results and help you sculpt that lean and defined physique! 

Join The #LSFBABES Lifestyle 

When you join the LSF challenge you also join the #LSFbabes community to help, support, and keep you accountable throughout the 8 week program. You’ll also be able to pick the brains of my LSF experts in the facebook forum to assist you with any questions you have.

See what it means to truly be a #BOSSBABE with results, education, empowerment, accountability, community and support from experts. So what are you waiting for? Join the LSF #BOSSBABE challenge today.  

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