How To Beat Gymtimidation

Want to start training in the gym but feeling a little intimidated? You’re not alone!

Gymtimidation (feeling intimidated at the gym) is totally common, but you should NOT let that hold you back from training to your fullest potential. Even people who have been training at the gym for years can still feel this way from time to time (especially if joining a new gym).

Far too often, I see girls stick to the cardio machines, too afraid to head to the weights section. Babes, I want you to get RESULTS, so it’s time to beat your gymtimidation for good - and here’s how! 

Scope out your gym

The first step to beat gymtimidation is to get comfortable with just being in the gym before you even start to workout! It’s really important to familiarize yourself with your gym. Get to know where certain machines are, where people use free weights, the area where people stretch… everything!

A simple strategy to achieve this is to put your headphones on and just walk around the gym. I promise NO ONE is looking at you, and hey - even if they were, who cares! It’s far more important for you to get comfortable in your workout space. If you really like, you could get a PT or staff member from the gym to show you around. 

Start with exercises you're comfortable doing 

Maybe walking right up to the squat rack on your first day in the gym may be too out of your comfort zone - and that’s okay! While you are working on breaking through your gymtimidation, start with exercises that you already feel comfortable with. 

You might feel more at ease to simply use the dumbbells in the free weights section to start with, or even just body weight exercises. Start with whatever you feel comfortable doing while you are still in the phase of getting familiar. However, don’t stay in this phase too long - you will eventually have to expand out of your comfort zone in order to make the most of what the gym has to offer! 

Follow a set program 

Getting to the gym and not having any clue as to what exercises you will be doing, can actually make gymtimidation worse. So what’s the solution? Have a set workout program to follow! Knowing what exercises to do allows you to walk into the gym with confidence and acts as a guide for you to follow. 

This is why the LSF app is a game-changer. Simply pick a program that suits your fitness goal, and open your app - I am your pocket PT! Not only will you know exactly what exercises to do, but you’ll be able to read step by step instructions and watch video demonstrations as to how to perform the exercises. You’ll look like a pro! 

Go to the gym at the same time each day

Most people tend to go to the gym at the same time each day. For example, some people may always train at 6am before work, whilst others may train at 6pm after work. Once you start going to the gym around the same time each day, you will start to become very familiar with everyone else there. 

There is something very calming about training with familiar faces around you. Whilst you may not know your fellow gym-goers by name, simply just being around the same people each workout will make you feel more at ease. And you never know, you might even make a gym friend! 

Shift your mindset 

Babes, in all aspects of life, do not let fear hold you back. 

If you really want to train at the gym, then nothing should stop you. Everyone (including me) was new to the gym once. No one expects you to walk into the gym for the first time and be a total pro. 

It’s time for you to shift your mindset. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That’s the only way you are going to get out of your comfort zone and break through your gymtimidation once and for all! 

Need a little extra help along your fitness journey? If you’re not an #LSFbabe yet, then be sure to check out our programs. I would love to help you get comfortable with your training so you can achieve the results you’ve always wanted! 

Loz xx