How to Balance a Social Life & Healthy Eating

Feeling a little stressed or anxious about going to social events in fear that it will lead you off track with your nutrition goals? Don’t worry girls, I’ve got your back!

It can be really hard to balance your social life with healthy eating, especially when heading towards the festive season. It seems like just about every weekend there is an event to go to!

I don’t let my nutrition goals stop me from going out, and you don’t have to let that stop you either. Here are my top tips for balancing healthy eating with your social life so you can still enjoy life to the fullest! 

Ditch the 'all or nothing' mindset

When you are constantly striving for perfection and have an ‘all or nothing’ mindset, it actually makes it harder for you to reach your goals. It is NOT about being 100% perfect with your food, it’s more important to be consistent! 

Just because we are heading into the festive season and may be socialising more often, does not mean that you have to give up on your goals. Babes, my biggest advice is to truly allow yourself the freedom to enjoy the foods YOU want to eat on your nights out. During the rest of the week, try to continue eating as close to your nutrition goals as possible so that everything balances out in the end! 

And babes, you know I live by this saying: Memories > Macros! 

Be mindful of food portions

You can still enjoy the foods you want to eat without going overboard. It’s still a great idea to keep healthy portion sizes in mind, especially because a lot of restaurants tend to serve larger portions as a way to make it seem that you are getting value for money. 

The best way to practice this is to actually be mindful and stay in tune with your body as you eat. Are you getting full? Then that's your cue to stop! It’s no big deal if you have leftovers. Simply ask for the leftovers to be placed in a container for you to take home and enjoy another day! 

Say goodbye to guilt 

There is no need to feel guilty for enjoying food that isn’t on your meal plan or not on track with your macros. Food is meant to be enjoyed! 

There is no such thing as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods. Foods do not have a moral value. So babes, if you feel like a burger, eat it, enjoy it, and move on with your life as normal! 

The best way to eliminate those feelings of guilt is to give yourself permission to enjoy all foods. As long as you keep up your physical activity, and eat in line with your nutrition goals most of the time, then you will still make progress!

Keep yourself accountable and surround yourself with support!

Whilst it's important to have some flexibility with your nutrition during the busy season, you CAN still stay on track with the right support and accountability.

This is the exact reason why I've made my last challenge of the year ELEVATE a SIX WEEK challenge! Designed to FIT into your lifestyle during the busy season, ELEVATE has workouts that you can actually fit into your schedule, easy and delicious meals you can enjoy and lifestyle tips from me to help keep you on track. Plus, there are thousands of #LSFbabes that will be there to support you along your journey!

Just because you are working towards a health goal, doesn’t mean you have to give up going out! You CAN strike the right balance between your social life and a healthy lifestyle.

Need a little extra help getting your nutrition and fitness on track? ELEVATE gives you all you need to nail your nutrition, smash your workouts, and strengthen your mindset so you can accomplish your goals, even during the festive season!

So, what are you waiting for? Reach your 2022 body goals and join ELEVATE!

Lauren xx