5 Reasons To Try HIIT

Never tried HIIT before? It’s never too late to try something new!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a super popular and effective style of training, especially for weight loss. But the benefits don’t end there! There are so many incredible mind and body benefits of doing HIIT training that I’ve recently discovered. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should make HIIT part of your workout routine!

#1 It’s time efficient 

When you live a busy lifestyle, it can be a mega struggle to make time to workout. The good news is, with HIIT - less is more! 

HIIT workouts are designed to be short in duration, with sessions averaging 30 minutes. The reason why HIIT is SO effective in a short period of time is because it’s super high intensity and works multiple muscle groups at once. The constant switching between completing the exercise followed by the rest period, brings your heart rate high enough to place your body under metabolic demand. This means you can burn MORE calories, in less time!

#2 Helps maintain muscle mass and burn fat

Unlike some other forms of cardio that can reduce your muscle mass, HIIT actually helps you maintain lean muscle! This is because HIIT exercises generally use dumbbells, kettlebells and even body weight, to challenge and sculpt your muscles, whilst simultaneously stimulating fat loss. Maintaining lean muscle is super important so you can keep your hard earned gains and boost overall metabolism. 

#3 Improves your cardiovascular fitness 

Even if you love weight training (like me), you shouldn’t neglect your cardiovascular health. HIIT is a form of cardio exercise, meaning it works to improve the functioning of your heart. This is super important to improve your overall fitness, stamina, endurance and lower your risk of many forms of chronic diseases. Your future self will thank you! 

#4 HIIT can be done anytime, anywhere!

HIIT workouts require minimal equipment and can be done indoors, outdoors, in the gym or at home. Whilst dumbbells will help advance your HIIT training, there are plenty of HIIT exercises that just use body weight. HIIT is super challenging regardless of where you train or what equipment you have available to you. 

#5 Post-workout endorphins!

We all know that exercise makes us feel good, but did you know that HIIT workouts stimulate a significant rise of endorphins compared to other forms of exercise? Endorphins are those feel-good hormones that make you feel happier and energized after a workout. For me, the way I feel after HIIT is genuinely one of the best benefits. Once you’ve completed your HIIT workout, you’ll feel ready to conquer the rest of your day!

For the first time EVER, we have come out with a 6 week HIIT Program! Just 3-5 workouts each week, the 30 minute full body sessions will fire up your metabolism and get you feeling your best from the inside out. If you’ve never tried HIIT before, don’t be intimidated. ANYONE can do HIIT, no matter your fitness level or experience. I can’t wait for you to experience all the benefits for yourself! 

Lauren xx