Full Body Blitz II

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30 minute workouts and meals for the busy gal! 

Loved our first Full Body Blitz program? Then get ready for part II! This second installment has been created due to popular demand, and will help the busy gal progress their workouts and take it to the next level.

Struggling to fit exercise into your busy schedule? I got you girl! I’ve curated an 8 week full body exercise program allowing you to train for only 30-45 minutes, 3-4x per week. The careful selection of full body compound exercises ensure you get the optimal training frequency - it's designed to fit into your life schedule, not the only way around!

Eating healthy can be tough when you're busy - but don’t stress! Your 8 week meal plan has specifically been designed to include super easy and speedy meals to match your fast paced lifestyle! 

This program builds upon the first Full Body Blitz - so make sure you’ve completed Full Body Blitz first before starting this second installment! 

What’s Included: 

  • 8 weeks of carefully curated FULL BODY BLITZ gym & home workouts lasting only 45 minutes to fit into your busy lifestyle! 
  • 3x full body workouts per week focusing on compound movements for a full body burn! 
  • Optional 4th workout per week filled with Loz’s FAV accessory exercises designed to take your fitness to the next level! 
  • Switch between gym and home workouts as you please!
  • 8 week meal plan filled with under 30 minute meals developed by qualified nutritionists to ensure your nutrition is on point! 
  • 20 NEW delicious and easy to assemble recipes to make healthy eating a breeze no matter how busy you are! 
  • Suitable for regular & vegetarian diets. You can also tailor your meal plan to other dietary requirements such as vegan, gluten free, lactose free, nut free and more!
  • Fitness and nutrition tips to give you all the guidance you need to stay on track and get results! 
  • Delivered via the LSF App, with bonus access to the LSF Global Girl Gang Facebook page. 

What’s the difference between I and II? 

Full Body Blitz II is a progression program for those looking to continue advancing their fitness. The format is the same: 3-4 full-body workouts per week with low, medium, and high rep days.

The differences between I and II include: 

  • A different selection of exercises included in the programming to challenge you to the max! 
  • Programming includes predominantly compound exercises, as opposed to a combination of isolation exercises in each workout for maximum training frequency of each muscle group.
  • Stronger focus on technique building, which means you will see greater progression and improvements in your strength and exercise ability. 
  • A specific meal plan designed for busy gal’s with only less-than-30-minute recipes included (of course, you can still search for other recipes in the app too if you wish!)


This program is:


All your training and nutrition needs sorted! Whether you're looking to shred body fat, build muscle or get strong, there's a program just for you. We also have programs suited to the busy gal!




With workout videos, step-by-step instructions and training tips for every exercise, we're here to support you throughout your LSF journey. Train efficiently and maximise your results at home or in the gym!


Meal Plan

Access a database of over 750+ (and growing) recipes. There are plenty of macro-friendly, delicious and easy recipes to suit your eating preference, goals and tastebuds!