Boss Babes Challenge + Power Booty Home Program

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$109.00 USD

This bundle is perfect for those looking to workout from home! It includes the POWER BOOTY HOME PROGRAM, a 6-week glute training program that will target your lower body from each angle & the 8 Week Boss Babe Challenge!

Includes from the Power Booty Home Program:

  • Activate, strengthen and shape your glutes!
  • 3 Lower body days Home Training Plan, Upper body day & 1 HIIT + Core session Features of various repetition ranges and loads.

Includes from the Boss Babes Challenge:

  • 8 week HOME or GYM-based training program
  • Option to choose 3-5x a week
  • 8 week recipe-based meal plan (with daily calorie and macro breakdown)
  • Daily tips & weekly check-ins + Facebook live chats with me
  • Complimentary post-challenge deload guide
  • Weekly personal growth tasks and cardio challenges to help improve your cardiovascular fitness
8 Week Boss Babes Challenge
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If at anytime you are unable to continue your program due to extenuating circumstances please contact the support team for assistance.

With the Boss Babes Challenge, receive: 

  • Easy to follow, recipe-based meal plan
  • Swap the recipes to suit your taste!
  • 100+ recipes to choose from
  • Daily calorie and macro breakdowns
  • Regular and vegetarian meal plans available

INCLUDED in Power Booty Home Program: 

- 6-week, glute-focused training plan with:

- 3 Lower body days Home Training Plan

- 1 Upper body day

- 1 HIIT + Core session Features of various repetition ranges and loads


  • The science behind your glutes
  • The keys to building muscle, including Mind Muscle Connection (MMC) and progressive overload
  • The top lifts for your glutes, and how each of these lifts contributes to hypertrophy
  • Optimal rest and recovery strategies
  • Glute warm-up exercises with video demonstrations
  • When to incorporate cardio into your routine

INCLUDED in Boss Babes Challenge:

  • 3 full-body training sessions, which will be your priority sessions each week
  • 1 optional Glute day, for those wanting to maximise their glute gains
  • 1 optional HIIT + 1 abs and cardio day, for those wanting to further increase their fitness and burn extra calories
  • Daily step target!


“LOVED this program. I wanted new workouts that targeted what I was working on. I am happy with my results as I worked really hard. Thank you Lauren and team I look forward to the next challenge!”


"LSF was life changing. This is the longest I have followed any type of fitness and health routine. I felt the workouts were CHALLENGING but NOT DISCOURAGING. The meals were filling and never boring. I thought it was overall AMAZING."


"I absolutely loved it! It’s what I have needed for a while to kickstart my motivation. The support from all the girls was so uplifting - definitely one of my favourite things over the last 6 weeks!"




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