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Phase 2 of my STRONG program has been created to keep you moving in the direction of a strong and feminine body like mine!

The STRONG Phase 2 program is not for the faint-hearted; you will need to have completed Phase 1 plan,  have lifting experience, great technique and have been resistance training for 2+ years, or have completed 3 or more LSF challenges/ programs.

The STRONG plan will allow you to:

  • Take your strength and your training to the next level
  • Build on your progress from phase 1, continuing towards lower reps and higher loads
  • Improve fitness and muscular endurance
  • Increase muscle mass, improve technique and work towards your best performing body

The STRONG program is perfect for those with plenty of experience in the gym who want to really focus on building strength and feel the confidence that goes along with it! This program will see you push past PRs and build a body that is both strong and beautiful!

Giving you access to


You will have access to your plan for the full 8-weeks once you start, and when completed you will have an additional 2 weeks to access your plan.

We recommend downloading your plan into the simplified PDFs during this time as your access will be cut off after this time. Unfortunately we are not able to extend access beyond this time frame..

Simply shoot an email through to

My 24/7 team of accredited fitness experts are here for you at every stage of your journey!

If at anytime you are unable to continue your program due to extenuating circumstances please contact the support team for assistance..

  • 8 weeks of structured gym-based workouts & recipe-based meals to help you GET STRONG
  • Lower/upper body focus resistance training sessions and core workouts 
  • No formal cardio is included in this training program 
  • Rep ranges vary throughout, but you will predominantly be working lower rep ranges more frequently 
  • Focus is on big compound lifts, with accessory work 
  • Periodised daily step goals to help keep you active and accountable throughout the day 5 to 6 programmed training sessions per week 
  • Progress tracker

Vegetarian or Regular meal plans available..


“LOVED this program. I wanted new workouts that targeted what I was working on. I am happy with my results as I worked really hard. Thank you Lauren and team I look forward to the next challenge!”


"LSF was life changing. This is the longest I have followed any type of fitness and health routine. I felt the workouts were CHALLENGING but NOT DISCOURAGING. The meals were filling and never boring. I thought it was overall AMAZING."


"I absolutely loved it! It’s what I have needed for a while to kickstart my motivation. The support from all the girls was so uplifting - definitely one of my favourite things over the last 6 weeks!"




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