Empower 8-Week Challenge

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Take control. Transform With Me.

Empowerment: Gaining greater control over your life and making decisions that enable you to fulfil your potential and achieve your goals. 

The Empower Challenge is designed to provide you with the tools you need to take charge of your fitness journey and help you realise your full potential. 

This 8-week challenge will teach you how to eat to fuel your body,  how to train to transform it, and how to break down the barriers we so often see to women around the world achieving their goals. 

This challenge will teach you the importance of smart training, and evidence-based nutrition, and how by combining the two, you can sculpt the strong, lean & toned physique of your dreams. Forget crash diets and unsustainable methods, Empower is here to equip you with the skills & methods you need to achieve lasting results. 

The approach is simple; eat, train, be consistent, get results, and thrive. Are you ready to unlock your full potential? 

Enroll now and get access to the exclusive 4-week PRE-SEASON workout program and meal plan!

Challenge Begins: Monday, May 29.

This program is:

20 - 60 mins



Training & Meal Plan

Key dates

Key Challenge Dates:

  • Official App Access: 25th May 2023
  • Start Date: 29th May 2023
  • End Date: 23rd July 2023

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We are here to support you at every stage of your health & fitness journey!

If at anytime you are unable to continue your program due to extenuating circumstances, please contact us for assistance.

Workout program

What’s Included:

NEW and IMPROVED Empower training program with a focus on creating a strong feminine shape. 

8 weeks of GYM or HOME based training program with the option to switch whenever you need. Empower offers two training programs for you to choose from- INTENSIVE or EXPRESS training programs depending on your schedule and how many days you like to train. 

Training Split: 

  • Intensive: workouts with 5 days training per week - 1x Lower Body Burn, 1x Sculpted Upper + Shredded Abs, 1x Shape & Define Lower, 1x Strong Upper & Core, 1x Glute Pump and 2x Empower Rest Day 
  • Express: workouts with 3-4 days training per week - 3x Full Body, 1x Optional Cardio + Core and 3-4x Empowerment Rest Days. Each session has 10 minute optional finishers! 

Pre-season is BACK! 

Can’t wait for your challenge to begin? Get a jumpstart on your program with pre-season - an introductory program accessible via the app if you join before the start date (up to 3 weeks duration - so get in quick!). Pre-season includes a workout program that introduces you to Loz’s best exercises and a 4-week meal plan with all her fave healthy recipes. Note: Pre-season is completely optional! You don’t need to complete pre-season to start the challenge.

Workout Program

  • 8 weeks of GYM or HOME based training programs, with the option to switch whenever you need! 

Choose your Training Split: 

INTENSIVE: For the girls who have the time to get into the gym most days and smash out longer sessions, this is the option for you! 

Workout Length: 60 mins 

Training split: 5 training days 

  • 3x Lower Body Days 
  • 2x Upper Body + Abs Days 

EXPRESS: For those busy Queens, Express is designed to complete your workout in under 30 minutes with less training days. If you do have a bit extra time, all workout days have 10 minute optional finishers! 

Workout Length: 20-30 mins 

Training Split: 3-4 training days 

  • 3x Full Body Days 
  • 1x Optional Cardio + Core 

Home equipment needed: 

  • Dumbbells, Booty bands, Long resistance band Jump rope.


Your 8-week "Empower Challenge” can be accessed through the LSF companion app available on both Android and Apple devices. You'll have full access for the challenge period plus an extra 2 weeks to save your favorite exercises and meals after the challenge ends!


Receive a customizable 8-week recipe-based meal plan with both an option for regular OR vegetarian. You’ll be able to tailor your diet for fat loss, toning up OR building muscle and receive a daily calorie and macro breakdown to suit your goals! All recipes are designed to get you results by professional nutritionists. 

NEW exciting recipes, including: 

  • 100+ DELICIOUS budget friendly meals for you and your family to enjoy! 
  • Over 400 pescatarian and vegetarian meal options 
  • 300+ gluten and dairy free recipe swaps 
  • Step by step guide on how to meal prep on a budget whilst following the meal plan 
  • Tips on how to level up your meals with delicious easy to prep sauces + how you can meal prep for the week in LESS THAN ONE HOUR!

Best-Selling Empower challenge is back!

Build your strong, feminine body with either the intensive or express workouts!

Nutritionist-designed meal plans to make reaching your goals easy!


All your training and nutrition needs sorted! Whether you're looking to shred body fat, build muscle or get strong, there's a program just for you. We also have programs suited to the busy gal!




With workout videos, step-by-step instructions and training tips for every exercise, we're here to support you throughout your LSF journey. Train efficiently and maximise your results at home or in the gym!


Meal Plan

Access a database of over 750+ (and growing) recipes. There are plenty of macro-friendly, delicious and easy recipes to suit your eating preference, goals and tastebuds!




That’s a wrap! 4lbs down and lots of inches off the waist and chest. I’m so beyond proud of my results not only physically but especially mentally. I’m so much happier and more positive. I don’t get scared to eat food anymore and actually fuel my body. I hit so many PB’s in this challenge with deadlifts and squats! 

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OxyShred Hardcore

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Words can't describe how proud I am of myself. Never thought I’d be here after 8 weeks. I am soooo pumped for the next challenge in a week and can’t wait to see where it takes me! What an amazing community of empowered women I'm so grateful to be a part of!

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Laurenʼs programs have not only helped shape me into the woman I am today, sheʼs helped me understand what Iʼm putting into my body to nourish it, how many calories I need to be able to loose weight, gain muscle and tone up and has most importantly taught me the importance of structure and routine which in turn has helped me mentally.

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OxyWhey Lean Wellness Protein

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LSF has been life changing. I’ve seen incredible progress and it makes me so happy. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

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