How To Break Through A Fitness Plateau

Not sure which LSF program is right for you? Team LSF is here to help!

With programs catered to so many specific goals, we are certain there is a program perfect for you. Programs can be started at any time and are designed to guide you through specially curated workouts and meal plans accessed through the LSF app.

Whether your new to LSF, or are a long-time #LSFbabe, there is no better time than now to try a program! Here’s a breakdown of our programs to help you choose. 


SHRED is our #1 best-selling fat loss program for a reason. An absolute LSF classic, SHRED is designed to boost fat loss whilst maintaining lean muscle mass for a sculpted lean physique.

- Program duration: 8 weeks
- Main goal: Fat Loss Training style: Resistance training + bursts of cardio for the ultimate fat burning effect.
- 8 week meal plan included. You will be allocated the correct number of calories to place you in a healthy calorie deficit.
- Must-have supplement: OxyShred. Containing fat-burning nutrients such as Acetyl L-Carnitine and Garcina Cambogia, you’ll get a metabolism boost to accelerate fat-loss progress. 


Inspired by Lauren’s journey becoming world bikini champion, BIKINI X BUILD is designed to help you sculpt your best bikini bod yet.

- Program duration: 8 week.
- Main Goal: Bikini body - drop body fat and build lean muscle.
-Training style: Strength-based training with some cardio to help build a lean and toned physique.
- 8 week meal plan included. You’ll be allocated the correct calories for you based on the goal you select upon signing into the program (drop fat, maintain or build).
- Must-have supplement: Creatine to support lean muscle growth and improve muscular strength and performance.


Designed to build strong and rounded glutes, you’ll be working on growing your glutes and achieving overall increased strength to create a strong feminine shape.

- Program duration: 8 weeks
- Main goal: Grow your glutes to create a strong feminine physique. 
- Training style: Heavy strength-based workouts to maximize glute growth and utilize progressive overload. No cardio included.
- 8 week meal plan included. You will be allocated the correct number of calories to place you in a calorie surplus to fuel muscle growth.
- Must-have supplement: OxyWhey. Containing 24g protein per scoop, OxyWhey will help fuel muscle growth and maximize your glute gains.
- Must-have equipment: Booty Bands. You’ll find that booty bands are used throughout the programming to activate your glutes, increase intensity and help maintain proper technique for heavier lifts.

Full Body Blitz

Designed for the gal with a busy schedule, FULL BODY BLITZ offers express (30-45 minute) full body workouts so you can fit exercise into your lifestyle!

- Program duration: 8 week
- Main goal: Make fitness FIT into your lifestyle, improve fitness, maintain lean muscle mass.
- Training style: 3x full body workouts each week to maximize training frequency for each muscle group. 1x optional Glute & Ab day. Workouts are 30-45 minutes long.
- 8 week ‘express’ meal plan included. Includes easy prep recipes that take under 20 minutes to complete.
- Must-have supplement: OxyShred Ultra Energy Drink. Ready-to-drink OxyShred in a can is the perfect on-the-go energy boost for busy gals. Take with you to the gym, to work, or whenever you need a clean energy increase! 


Looking to kickstart your fitness journey? MOTIVATE is for you! Perfect for beginners or if you’ve taken a break from fitness for a long time, MOTIVATE will help you get back on track.

- Program duration: 30 Days
- Main goal: Ease back into exercise, or perfect for beginners to get back on track with exercise.
- Training style: 3-4 workouts each week, less than 40 minutes per workout. Resistance-training with a full body and core focus.
- 8 week ‘express’ meal plan included filled with easy prep and simple recipes.
- Must-have supplement: BEYOND. Working out as a beginner or after taking a long break will leave you susceptible to post-workout muscle soreness. BEYOND contains branched-chain amino acids to reduce muscle soreness and help recovery.

No matter what you’re goal, there is an LSF program for you. Don’t miss out - programs are currently 30% off! Purchase a program and start at any time. There is no better time than NOW to work on your fitness goals!

Team LSF xx