Learn how to take back control like an #LSFbabe

I know girl, there are a lot of variables that are out of our hands right now. But there is one thing that is not…

Your decision to TAKE BACK CONTROL!

I am bringing you a challenge like no other that has hit LSF! The EMPOWER CHALLENGE! The next 8 weeks are going to teach you all of my secret tools that have taught thousands of #LSFBABES to cut the BS, and finally get results! Not only are you going to physically transform over this time, but mentally become more resilient than ever!

I know, a world pandemic has for sure got us feeling a little thrown off track to say the least...I want you ladies to take back the power in your life. Make those physical changes, get your nutrition dialled in and work on having a more positive mindset! The EMPOWER Challenge will teach you how to harness your full potential AND it will all be on my NEW APP!!! Access your LSF challenge anywhere, anytime!!!

What does the EMPOWER Challenge include?


Say goodbye to those ISO kilos! 
Many of us let go of our goals when isolation was imposed. No access to a gym, lack of a set up at home, and the struggle to find basic healthy groceries made it too easy to say forget it! Believe me, every excuse? I have head them all! But it’s not too late to make things right, let’s take back control with the EMPOWER Challenge!

This challenge will help you to get that tight waist, shed those iso’ kilos, and reveal your perfectly proportioned body with round glutes, shapely shoulders and toned legs! This challenge isn’t just about changing your shape, it’s also about changing your MINDSET. I want you to come out of this challenge feeling more positive than ever. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes!!! You got this my #LSFbabes!

MIND over matter!
I can’t stress the importance of mindset enough when wanting to reach your potential. Many years ago I was unkind to my body, over exercising and under eating. I felt so down with myself, as I felt like I was working hard but not getting the results I was after. When I changed my mindset, the results began to come! Never underestimate the power of being kind to yourself or the power of positivity! This is all part of EMPOWERMENT and exactly what I want you ladies to get out of this challenge!

Be EMPOWERED with your knowledge!
Mindlessly overeating? Or stressing about eating as little calories as possible? Unfortunately neither of these will get you to where you want to be with your physique goals. In my programs I like to give you the science behind the methods, and educate you on WHY you are eating a certain way and HOW it relates to your goals! Whether that be if you’re wanting to shred some fat, or if you're looking to build more lean muscle... I teach you not only what to do but WHY as well! GET the results you want! AND...the ability to maintain them! You know what they say, knowledge is POWER.

Oat Protein Balls | Recipe

NAIL your form and BUILD STRENGTH!
I pride myself on showing you ladies how to master your workouts! The EMPOWER challenge will show you how to perform an exercise with both a description AND a video to explain and show you the proper way to do an exercise. This is super important, not only to target the correct muscle but also to reduce the risk of an injury. Having this knowledge will also give you the confidence to progress even after the challenge ends. I have made sure to implement advance home training methods so that you can get the most out of every workout as well. Because I know a lot of my #LSFbabes are sweating it out from your living room! This challenge focuses on progressive overload so you can BUILD on your strength week on week! Let’s take back control and become STRONGER than ever!!!

EMPOWER Challenge Workout | Week 7 Day 1

Isolation has made many of us feel...well, isolated. I want to help change that! In this challenge you will have SOOO much support! With access to a facebook forum of likeminded #LSFbabes, 24/7 access to support from my team of fitness and nutrition experts, and live Q&A’s with me weekly, I want you to come out of this feeling part of the LSF team!

Group photo at Brisbane Event

Need inspiration?
Check out these INSANE transformations from my last challenge!

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It’s time to TAKE BACK CONTROL and take part in the EMPOWER CHALLENGE!
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