#LSFbabe Joanna’s Wedding SHRED Journey

All my #LSFbabes are QUEENS in my eyes! In this blog, I wanted to showcase an incredible shred transformation from a previous challenge winner, Joanna!

Joanna joined the LSF community in 2020 with the Empower Challenge. Her goal was to shred in preparation for her wedding and increase her confidence – she completely achieved this.

Joanna lost 5kg over the 8 week challenge! She trained mostly at home with some gym workouts (the LSF app makes this so easy since you can switch between ‘home’ and ‘gym’ at any time!)

Let’s see what she had to say about her LSF experience! 

Joanna's transformation

About LSF challenges

“This challenge is more a mental challenge for me. One thing I love about this challenge is that it’s really teaching me a non-dieting approach. I had a super unhealthy relationship with food that clearly was completely unsustainable. So excited to be using these tools after the challenge to continue to progress towards my goals and be a more mindful eater.”

“The LSF community is undeniably my favourite part of the challenge."

Her confidence journey
“At the start of the challenge, I just wanted to have body confidence walking down the aisle.. it’s not about being aesthetically pleasing but just being comfortable in my own skin.”

“Nothing beats the confidence this challenge has given me. Physically yes I’m in much better shape but mentally I’m more in love with myself than ever.”

Joanna's transformation

Staying on track 
“I used Sundays as my meal prep day. You quickly learn that preparing yourself will strongly sway you from falling off track in your week. I would say I stick 80-90% when I have prepared and planned my week ahead.”

“Be your own cheerleader! Believe in yourself, push yourself, wake up in the morning and do it for you!”

Joanna's Transformation

Seeing Joanna reach her goals is SO inspiring. It makes me so proud as a coach to see my #LSFbabes achieve both a physical and a mental transformation. You deserve to feel confident in your body!

#LSFbabes know that we are never in competition with one another – we uplift each other in the LSF community so we can ALL achieve our goals! Are you our next biggest transformation? Join the LSF community today!

Loz xx