'Tis The Season! How To Stay Healthy These Holidays

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Honeys, let’s just take a moment to celebrate that we MADE IT to December! Whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah or another holiday you’re celebrating, it’s important to enjoy it as much as you can this year! The holidays are all about spending quality time with the special people in our lives, and being present in the moment. With these tips, I will teach you babes to live your best life and quit worrying about “ruining” your progress.

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Schedule your workout in early
I love working out early, especially if I have a busy day ahead as I then don’t have to worry about fitting it in! Get in, get it done, then enjoy your day! Check your workout schedule the night before in the LSF app so you know exactly what you’re doing the following morning!

Make healthier choices with your food
It can be easy to go overboard with your food choices with an array of delicious foods at your fingertips. This silly season try to be more mindful with your choices and really dial into what you’re craving rather than reaching for everything in sight. Whether you’ve been craving that delicious pavlova or tasty yorkshire puddings, let yourself truly enjoy these foods and savour the flavour. Use your mindful eating skills and think about the smell, taste, texture and look of the food while you’re eating it. This really helps you to get the signals from your body to know when you are full and helps us to not mindlessly overeat.

Go easy on the alcohol
Yes, it’s called the silly season, but it’s not an excuse to go overboard with alcohol. Enjoy a few drinks (if you’re of legal drinking age) but remember to sip slowly and responsibly. I don’t mind having a few drinks with friends on occasion but I continue to make sensible choices. I’ll enjoy a delicious cocktail to start, then if I feel like another drink I’ll switch to vodka, fresh lime, and soda or a skinny mojito made without sugar. These choices help you to make smarter choices with alcoholic beverages as the calories can add up real fast, and let’s face it I prefer to allocate my calories to real, delicious food! Remember to always stay hydrated too, girls! Try to have a glass of water in between every drink.

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Get some incidental exercise
Ever get that uncomfortable feeling after enjoying an indulgent meal? Girl, sameeee! Did you know that doing some light exercise can assist with digestion? If you’re feeling a little too full after a meal why not suggest going for a short walk with your friends or family? This will help to get the food moving along and help you reach your step goal for the day!

Cook some healthy dishes
Why not add to the festivities and bring a healthier dish to your celebration? My faves are a big fresh salad with summer fruit (if in Aus), steamed green beans with almonds, or rosemary baked sweet potatoes! After a healthier dessert? Give this easy strawberry trifle a go!

Lighter Strawberry Trifle IngredientsLighter Strawberry Trifle Method

Enjoy yourself!
Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to be on track 100% of the time. We all have slip ups at times, even me! If you find yourself indulging a little too much or not exercising enough, let it go and get back to your normal routine the next day. I give you all permission to enjoy yourself this silly season and really soak up all the happy times - we all deserve after the wild year we’ve had.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my fave tips for staying healthy while still enjoying the silly season. Let’s eat, drink and be merry together this festive season!

Lauren xx