Everything You Need To Know About the EMPOWER Challenge

Girls, get ready. My BIGGEST challenge ever is here and ready for you to smash it HEAD ON! It’s time for you to take on the EMPOWER Challenge!

The EMPOWER Challenge will equip you with ALL that you need to overcome mental and physical barriers so you can push yourself to the next level!

I am going to coach you with skills you need to build your confidence and achieve the results of your dreams!

So, What’s EMPOWER All About?

The EMPOWER Challenge is all about making a complete transformation – on the outside AND inside, so that you can reach your fullest potential in all areas of your life!

Knowledge is power – so I will coach you using my methods so you can make the most of your training and nutrition whilst improving your mindset along the way.

This program is designed to encourage fat loss – so if you want to get shredded and lean, then this challenge is for you!

Fat loss can be so tricky but, with my training methods, you will learn techniques on how to shred those pounds off AND keep them off!

PLUS, for the first time ever, this challenge has three difficulty levels to choose from: BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED, so you can feel empowered doing this challenge no matter what stage of your fitness journey you are at!

This challenge is not just about you – it is also about how you can use your empowerment to inspire and help others! Women coming together to motivate, inspire and uplift one another is the real reason why being empowered is so important.

By being part of the EMPOWER challenge, you will be joining the global girl gang of #LSFbabes who are there to support you on our journey and celebrate your successes with you!

Key Dates & Information

Start date: Monday 14th June, 2021
• 8 week challenge including training, nutrition and mindset coaching from me!
• 3-6 workouts per week with three difficulty levels to choose from: BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED, so you can feel empowered no matter what your fitness level is! You can also switch between the levels throughout the 8 weeks.
• GYM and HOME workout options - you can switch between them at any time!
• 8 week recipe based meal plans including a calorie and macronutrient breakdown tailored to you (regular AND vegetarian meal plans).
• Access to 700+ recipes – you can even customize your meal plan to include your favorites!
• You will get FULL access to the LSF app for the duration of the challenge including; workouts, nutrition, mindset tips and educational videos.


What can I expect from the EMPOWER challenge?
EMPOWER is an 8 week challenge accessed via the Lauren Simpson Fitness app.
You will be completing 5-6 workouts each week, designed with my training methods to help you reach your fitness goals. You will also be following a 8 week meal plan consisting of 3 meals and 2 snacks per day to ensure your nutrition is on point!

There are also nutrition, training, and mindset tips in the app to educate you and keep you on track!

When will I get access to the LSF app?
You will get access to the LSF app on Thursday 11th June so you have time to give yourself a sneak peak of the workouts and meals and familiarize yourself with how the app works (don't worry babes, it's SUPER easy to navigate!)

What is OxyShred and why is it recommended with this challenge?
OxyShred is a fat burning supplement I’ve been using for YEARS! Many of my #LSFbabes have expressed that during the challenges, they tend to experience low energy and need an extra boost to accelerate their progress. Well, that’s where OxyShred comes into play!

OxyShred contains a fat burning matrix of ingredients to help burn fat for energy. It also helps to boost your mood, enhance your focus and motivation for working out with two amino acids called tyrosine and taurine.

PLUS, it contains an array of nutrients that enhance natural energy production, strengthen the immune system and more!
If you want to learn more about OxyShred, click here.

What if I don’t like the food on my meal plan? 
With over 1500+ recipes in the LSF app, I promise, there will be meals you love!

You are able to use the ‘swap’ function to swap out any meal in your meal plan for a different recipe in the LSF app you prefer instead. Don’t worry babes, you won’t be eating plain chicken and broccoli.

My #LSFbabes fav recipes include pizza tortillas, enchiladas, protein pancakes and more!

What equipment do I need for home workouts? 
All you will need are dumbbells, a booty band and a long resistance band!

Can I start the program after Monday 14th June? 
You may start the challenge up to two weeks after the challenge begins.

How long will I have access to the challenge program for?
You will have access to the challenge for two weeks after the challenge end date.

Is there a prize for this challenge? 
We will be giving away USD $20,000 worth of prizes! There will be prizes for the best transformations, as well as for girls who best empower other women!

So, are you ready to feel empowered? Join the EMPOWER Challenge now!