Collagen: What Is It and Why You Need It

You’ve most likely heard of collagen… but do you actually know what it is and why it's so important?

Collagen products are everywhere nowadays, from supplements to skincare. That’s because collagen really is a HERO anti-aging nutrient for improving skin, hair, and nails!

So girls, I’m going to break down all you need to know about collagen and why you need it to add it to your routine! 

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant type of protein in the body.

Collagen is found in connective tissue, which means it’s found in the skin, hair, nails and as well as in our joints, cartilage and ligaments.

The structure of collagen is super tightly coiled which gives connective tissue strength and firmness (such as giving the skin firmness and elasticity). 

What are the benefits of collagen?

Benefits of Collagen

What does collagen have to do with aging?

Stop for a minute and think about a baby's skin… super soft, supple, and *obviously* youthful looking. This is because young skin is made up of around 90% collagen! The collagen provides the skin with firmness and hydration for a smooth youthful complexion.

Okay so this is where it gets important… from around our mid-twenties, collagen production starts to decline at a rate of 1.0-2.0% each year. The less collagen we have, the faster and more visible signs of aging become. Low levels of collagen contribute to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. 

Can you naturally increase collagen?

ABSOLUTELY! With a well formulated supplement, like OxyGlow, you CAN help your body naturally increase it’s collagen production for firmer, more youthful skin! 

What’s the best type of collagen for hair, skin and nails?

Marine collagen is the superior type of collagen for improving hair, skin and nails. This is because marine collagen is made up of mostly type 1 collagen fibers which is the specific type found mostly in the skin, hair, and nails! 

The reason I LOVE OxyGlow so much is because it is made of marine collagen AND also contains essential vitamins like Vitamin C, that help increase collagen as well. In fact, Vitamin C is literally required to make collagen inside the body — which is why OxyGlow is SO effective in producing anti-aging benefits and creating a luminous complexion!  

How do I add collagen to my routine?

By taking OxyGlow, of course!

The best part of OxyGlow is that it is a completely flavorless and odorless powdered supplement that can be easily mixed into ANY drink!

I personally love mixing 1 scoop of OxyGlow into my OxyShred in the morning so I know that I’m getting my daily dose of beautifying antioxidants and collagen.

Otherwise, you can mix OxyGlow into a smoothie, water, juice or even into foods like yogurt and oats! 

Whilst collagen does decline as we age, you CAN boost your collagen production for a completely beautifying effect. A high-quality collagen supplement, like OxyGlow, can help to slow down the aging process and leave you with luminous skin, strong hair and nails.

So babes, now is the time to try collagen — you’ll be thanking me later!

Loz xx