All About Shred & Shape Challenge

Get ready to start 2022 off with a bang with the SHRED & SHAPE challenge!

We’ve revamped our most POPULAR challenge to help you SMASH your New Years goals right from the start!

With epic NEW workouts, 40+ NEW recipes, and several NEW app features — this is bound to be your best LSF challenge yet! 

What is Shred & Shape all about?

Shred & Shape is the PERFECT 8 week challenge to help you achieve your New Years’ physique goals. This challenge is designed to help you slim down and tone up so you can begin 2022 feeling like your best self. 

What does Shred & Shape include?

• NEW & IMPROVED 8 week training program for GYM and HOME that are designed to help you shred body fat and sculpt your physique. 
• 8 week regular or vegetarian meal plan with over 40+ NEW Recipes.
• Recipe of the week videos to help you feel like a boss in the kitchen.
Nutrition, training, and mindset tips help set you up for success.
 Access to our exclusive Facebook forum, with weekly tasks to connect you with #LSFbabes from all over the globe!
 Challenge Prize*: An all-expenses-paid trip to train with Loz for you & your bestie OR $5,000 in cash prizes. The choice is yours!

*Challenge Prize: By joining the challenge, you will also have eligibility to WIN an additional $50k USD in cash prizes from my sponsor, EHPLabs, at the end of the challenge.

What are the workouts like?

We have TWO training program options — TRAIN LIKE LOZ and EXPRESS. Both training programs have GYM and HOME options so you can train no matter where you are. You get access to both when you sign up and can swap between them at any time! 

TRAIN LIKE LOZ includes 1+ hour workouts and are programmed in the same way I train. The training split is:
 3x Lower Body sessions
2x Upper & Abs
• 1 X HIIT & Abs

EXPRESS is perfect for all the busy gals. You’ll still get the same results but with less training days! EXPRESS workouts are 30-45 mins. The training split is:
3x Lower Body sessions
1 X HIIT & Abs

No matter which training program you chose, the workouts are designed to accelerate fat loss whilst maintaining lean muscle mass for a metabolism boost 🔥

What are the meals like?

Most people think they have to eat boring meals when working towards a fitness goal — but this is the complete opposite with LSF! 

We’ve added 40+ NEW DELICIOUS meals into the Shred & Shape challenge! No food is off limits — our meals are designed to keep your taste buds satisfied whilst still meeting your nutritional requirements 👏

Here are some of my fav new meals to keep an eye out for in your meal plan 😉
Cookie Dough Oatmeal
Strawberry Cheesecake Parfait
• Turkey Bolognese
Mexican Beef Loaded Fries

What else is new?

We have THREE NEW APP FEATURES that you’ll get to experience with the Shred & Shape challenge! 

NOTES FEATURE: In the workout section, you’ll find a ‘notes’ tab. This is where you’ll get to reflect on your workout and write anything you wish about each exercise you completed! Maybe you’d like to write down the resistance level you used, how you felt after the exercise, or anything else you want to remember!

TEMPO: The exercises have been programmed to have ‘tempo’ (the speed in which you perform the exercise). This is used to add extra intensity and add progressive overload so you are continually challenged throughout the 8 weeks. 

WATER TRACKER: Water intake is SO important - so now you’ll find a water tracker on the home tab so you can log how much water you’ve consumed each day!


When does the challenge start and end?

The challenge begins on January 17th and ends on March 20th 2022. 

What is preseason and when does it start?

PRESEASON is a bonus complimentary 4 week program that you get to do BEFORE the challenge begins. PRESEASON is designed to get your body ready for the challenging Shred & Shape workouts. PLUS, you’ll also get a 4 week meal plan to get you used to meal prepping and confident with cooking LSF meals! 

PRESEASON begins as soon as you purchase Shred & Shape. Doing PRESEASON is highly recommended, but it is OPTIONAL. 

However, it’s vital that you SWITCH OVER TO SHRED & SHAPE (via the LSF APP) before the challenge begins (Jan 17th) so you don’t miss out on the first day of the challenge!

What equipment do you need to do home workouts?

You’ll need a booty band, long resistance band, and dumbbells.