4 Non-Aesthetic Goals You Should Set

Goal setting is so powerful. Goal setting helps you decide and focus on what’s really important to YOU. Effective goal setting allows you to measure your progress, overcome obstacles and visualise your dreams. Because if you don’t know what you want to achieve, you can’t create a plan to get there.

But are you only setting goals about how you want your body to look and change? If you are, you could actually be hindering your progress!

Most people get stuck being overly focused on how they want their body to look in the mirror – but babes, you need to ditch this mindset ASAP!

So what’s the solution? Set some non-aesthetic goals!

Why you should set non-aesthetic goals
Non-aesthetic goals are goals that are NOT about how you want your body to look. Expanding your focus beyond the physical can actually improve the overall results you get from training! It is much more rewarding to set non-aesthetic goals instead of being hyper attentive to how your body is changing. Focusing on non-aesthetic goals help keep you motivated and helps you recognise all the other amazing benefits of fitness and healthy nutrition beyond the physical!

Here are 5 non-aesthetic goals that you should set!

1. Improving your form
Being able to perform exercises with the best technique possible will help you achieve better results! By having your form on-point, you will be activating the correct muscles and get the full benefits of the exercise. The LSF app makes this easy with video demonstrations of each exercise – it’s literally like having me, Coach Loz in your pocket!

Every time you workout, you should focus on improving your form. Are you hinging at the hips when doing deadlifts? Are you keeping your back straight when doing squats? I LOVE filming myself exercising so I can actually see my form improving. So babes, don’t be shy – prop your phone up on the floor and record yourself!

2. Increasing resistance for strength-based exercises
Been squatting the same weight for weeks? It’s time to challenge yourself! In order to get results, you need to be regularly increasing the resistance for all strength-based exercises. Your body will adapt to the resistance you use – so slowly increase the resistance weight to see improvements in strength and your overall physique.

You can actually log the resistance weight that you use on the LSF app! Keep track of the resistance weight that you use so you can gradually increase the resistance each week!

3. Improving self-confidence
I want ALL my #LSFbabes to feel EMPOWERED! Exercise is super powerful – not only does it improve your physical health but it can improve your mindset too!

Exercise can help give you more confidence in your skin and within yourself. Knowing that you are working on improving yourself can really give you the mental boost you may need!

Keep track of your self-confidence and how your mindset is overall at the end of each week – you’ll be surprised with how much it can improve!

4. Improving energy levels
Did you know exercise and good nutrition can boost your energy levels? Getting the right nutrition for you and regularly working out gives you more energy so you can slay your day! Be attentive to how your energy levels improve over the weeks of a LSF challenge. You’ll start to feel amazing! Less fatigue = more productivity!

Need help setting goals? Be sure to download our FREE LSF Goal Tracker!

Although you may have signed up to one of the LSF programs or challenges to achieve a physical goal, it's important to remember that non-aesthetic goals are just as important. In fact, focusing on non-physical changes can actually help your overall transformation!

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Loz xx